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Nayantara hot sex story

Back in 2001 I think, Diana had just finished college and was doing some modelling stints in Delhi. I was visiting as part of a fashion management group. I had known Diana for the three years we studied on campus together, and now she was about to head South to launch a movie career. I was heading West, soon to settle down somewhere in Europe as a fashion photographer. After the evening event was over – I had taken Diana because she wanted to see what kind of work I did – I was dropping her home at her father’s house in South Delhi when she suddenly said “why don’t you come home and I’ll cook up a quick dinner for you.” Her folks were out of station, we were soon going our different ways maybe never to see each other again … so I agreed.

She made a nice Italian meal, we finished a bottle of fantastic red wine, and I was beginning to feel very comfortable. Diana was looking gorgeous like she always did and her perfume that evening was hauntingly intoxicating. Along with the wine, a lethal combination. We were chatting during dinner when I suddenly felt her hand on my thigh, her nails stroking the inside, gradually moving up towards my crotch. I leaned forward and found her lips with my mouth, kissing her deeply. My tongue probed her mouth and she sucked it in. I was beginning to get a hard-on.
As I kissed her, I let one of my hands envelop one of her firm breasts. The other hand I slid under the table and felt the smooth silkiness of her flesh as I stroked her thighs. Her skirt was already pushed up and I tentatively let my fingers stray towards her cunt. I felt the flimsy gauze of her panties which I pulled sideways and tried to slip a finger into her hole. She was already wet. She was kissing me deep, her tongue lashing the inside of my mouth; her hand kept stroking my cock through the fabric of my trousers and I was almost rigid under her ministrations.
We stood up almost simultaneously; the passion and lust raging through my body was reflected in a desperation which I could see in her eyes. I put the plates away on a side table and when I turned around I saw Diana had got up on to the table. She reached out for me and as I came to her, she swiftly unzipped the fly of my trousers and her hand slipped in, finding my penis hard and contorted inside my underpants. She gripped it and pulled my cock out, then just looked at it standing solid and stiff … and smiled, as though in anticipation.

I pushed my hands under the top of her dress and slid the black satin cloth to the sides, freeing her gorgeous boobs. I fondled her tits, felt her nipples getting harder and though of all the times I had wanted this girl during those college years. She flirted but never fucked, and I respected that. But tonight was going to be different. As I bent forward to kiss her, she slid down on the slippery surface of the table and lay on her side. Her tits were absolutely the best I had ever seen. My cock was growing bigger, thicker and harder all the time as it grazed the side of her cheek. Then she grabbed it with one hand and pulled me towards her mouth. I felt her firm grip around the hardened girth of my penis and Diana’s soft breath, like a warm cloud suffusing the heat as the tip of her tongue met the red tip of my cock. I was sure her saliva sizzled as her mouth opened to draw me into her. I placed a hand on her head as she swallowed my shaft, my fingertips touching the nape of her neck and her smooth shoulders as her dress strap slid further off. When my cock was deep inside her mouth, I felt her tongue lashing my glans, tracing the hard ridge with the tip of her tongue. I thrust my body forward and shoved myself deeper down her throat.

I unbuckled my belt and pushed my trousers down as it pooled around my ankles. Diana turned around and lay flat on her back on top of the table, her mouth open and inviting. Then once again grabbing hold of my shaft, she bent the rigid length down and pulled me into her mouth. I fucked her face with deep thrusts that pushed my penis to the back of her throat. I couldn’t believe the passion with which she sucked, her lips clamped around the thickness, the edges of her teeth scraping along the saliva lubricated length, her fingers playing with my testicles. It was an absolutely amazing feeling, and all I could think of were the three years we had been together in college and never made love. What a waste of time.
Primarily with the intention of ensuring that I didn’t reach my climax too soon, I withdrew my penis from the warm succulence of her mouth and rubbed it against her breasts and nipples instead, forcing the impending orgasm back. Then helping her, I raised Diana up and laid her facing me so I could see her beautiful cunt, the perfectly trimmed triangle of her pubic hair. I bent down and kissed those cunt lips, tasting the juices, feeling for her hidden clitoris with the tip of my tongue. My cock was rampant, wanting to explode, but I diverted my attention by pleasuring her instead.I raised her right leg apart and upwards, gripping her firm thigh as I positioned my cock in front of her hot dripping entrance. Then pushed my penis in bit by bit, letting her cunt spread apart to accommodate the thickness of my shaft. She screamed a little scream, throwing her head back, as I penetrated her vagina, pushing past the delicate cunt lips and discovering the molten heat that was boiling up inside her. Her glorious boobs were thrust out and upwards from her chest, perfectly round with sharp and taut nipples defiantly protruding out.
Her cunt was tight, and she held my hardness inside her by clenching her vaginal muscles around the thickness of my penis. I looked at her and saw her straining to see my penis drive into her cunt. Her expression was the most beautiful that a man can want on the woman he is making love to. I cannot describe it because I am not a proficient writer, but there was a mix of pleasure, happiness and ecstasy in that look. She looked absolutely beautiful, like a woman I would want to make love to every night, not just fuck.
The thoughts rushing through my mind were almost suggestive of my falling in love with this woman, but the sensations going through my body were lustful and raw, like an animal in rut. I grabbed hold of Diana, pulled her around on the table surface so that I could see her ass and almost erupted in a climax because of the sheer voluptuousness of the view. I kissed her buttocks, fingered her cunt from the back, even probed her asshole with a finger, before finally taking my cock and shoving into her. I felt the perfect roundness of her young and firm bum against my abdomen, and I wanted more. Much more.

After that we went through many contortions. I sat down on one of the dining chairs and pulled her down on to me, once again her ass against my body as I shoved the rigidness of my cock way up into her cunt, holding her in a very firm grip, first her thighs which I spread apart as I rammed her, then her massive full tits that I mangled in my hands. She screamed as the thickness of my cock spread her lips, but more from a lustful ecstasy than pain.

She rode my massive penis, bucking up and down along its rigid length as her juices overflowed, lubricating the pulverising thrusts that I rammed hard into her. I pushed a finger into her asshole and felt the burning inside. Diana was breathing deeply and heavily, in short gasps as she began fingering her own clitoris, rubbing the swollen protuberance, drawing forth her own orgasmic flows. I could feel my own climax approaching when she gripped my cock firmly at the base and withdrew her warm slit from over my penis.

She stood up then, and went and lay down again on the table, smiling up at me. As I approached her, my cock long and solid, thrust out from my pelvis, she reached towards it and clasped her hand around its girth. As she stroked it, giving it a handjob that was slowly picking up pace as she went along. The red hot tip grazed against her wet lips and I felt an involuntary thrust, wanting to penetrate her mouth snd shove my cock deep into the back of her throat. But Diana just licked the tip as the first clear droplets of pre-cum trickled out. I threw my head back as I felt the flood gates about to burst open, trying desperately to hold back.

And then, I couldn't any more. My cock seemed to get harder and thicker as Diana strengthened her grip on it. Then, bursting past the vice like grip and my own attempts at holding back, thick hot spurts of raw semen cascaded out of my cock like a massive volcanic eruption blowing off the top of a volcano. The first load splattered across her huge boobs, slamming against the fleshy and firm roundness of her tits. She looked in awe at this outburst, still holding on to my cock with her firm grip, pulling back the skin, willing the thick milkiness to bathe her all over.

She let go of my cock so she could feel the hot cum on her skin with her fingers, spreading them across the surface of her glorious mounds. But I hadn't finished. My eyes shut as her lips parted and she tentatively drew the tip of my cock into her mouth just as the next load burst out. Most of the cum was expelled into her mouth, with some of it spilling across her face. She used her fingers again to feel the cum on her cheek, licking her fingertips, liking the taste of hot white cum.

And then with another couple of loads shooting out of my penis, still with considerable force and volume, I splattered her hair with my cum. There seemed a bottomless well out of which my long restrained semen kept blasting her face and lustrous black mane. Diana, sweet sweet Diana. I was going to miss this lovely girl. So much we had missed out on, trying to make it up in one desperate evening. I looked down at that beautiful face, covered in my semen, framed with glossy dark hair with streaks of thick white liquid trickling down. That lovely beautiful face that was going to leave Delhi soon. She was going to become an actress, change her name, become famous. Nayantara. ©mnhb 2012

Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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