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Ramya & Sneha & I

I know you followed me to my room
Stood outside, peeped through the keyhole
Your cock growing hard and rigid
As you saw Sneha and me on the bed
Your hand rubbing the growing thickness
As my hands caressed her body

You wanted me, I know
As I writhed in my black mesh bodysuit
Your eyes flowing along my fullness
My hands roaming Sneha’s lush youth
I wanted you too, my darling
Your red hot tip pushing past my lips

As I groped for the pretty girl’s tits
Straddling her body, rubbing my cunt
Across the smooth hips of her beauty
She reached up and fondled my breasts
As you crept into the silent lust
That engulfed us in our ethereal world
You stripped off your clothes
Walked up behind me
Rubbed your rock hard phallus
Against my neck and in my hair
As I lowered my mouth to her face
And kissed her lips, my tongue probing
Finding the warmth of her inside

As you fingered my dripping wetness
Your cock now solid against my cheeks
I plucked at her nipples as she sighed
My own dreams enveloping your heat
Your hands spreading my pussy lips
As your fingers probed within

She lay me back, head on the pillows
And pushed her fingers into my crack
You waited for her to turn to you
Perhaps draw your manhood into her mouth
Let you thrust deep inside her
As your hands caressed my buttocks

I raised my body and sucked her breasts
Licked the nipples to a tautness
Her hand groped out for your penis
And stroked you as you rose
Wanting, I know, to push it in her
As you craved for my anus to devour you
I pulled down her panties and showed you
Her buttocks so smooth and round
I licked her youthful hips
As I thrust my ass to your penis
Wanting you to ravage me roughly
Wanting your molten inside me

But Sneha, she cried for me, Ramya
Ramya, my idol my worship
Have your man invade me please
Let him rape me from behind
While you kiss my dripping pussy
And suck my juices as they flow

This darling wondrous girl was flowering
As I hugged her body to me
Spooned against her womanhood
As you thrust yourself against me
I felt the hard and rough probing
As you penetrated my open behind
Thrusting, ramming, hammering

My body so receptive
My heart cried out for your love
As your crazed rigid spear
Drove deep, so deep within me
And tore my flesh and skin
Pouring hot gushing fluid
Spurting, heaving, thrusting
Molten eruptions that killed me

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