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Leni Lan Yan 藍燕 from Shanghai, China - Lenglui #180

Name: Leni Lan Yan 藍燕
Date of Birth: May 9, 1986
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Measurements: 33 24 34
About: Leni Lan Yan 藍燕, also known as the "Little Cecelia Cheung" (小张柏芝) is a Shanghai born actress with a little trace of Russian (ЛаньЯнь) in her roots. Graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, Leni is a good actress fluent in many languages and acted in many dramas and movies including the popular Russian blockbuster, Butterfly Kiss (蝴蝶之吻). After her debut hype, Leni revealed her hidden sexual affair with a famous Hong Kong director, Stanley Tong Kwai (唐季禮) in August 2010. Leni described Stanley's sexual preferences and their bedroom antics to a tabloid magazine. She also claimed that popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou (周杰倫) called her twice on the phone and "felt" that he was interested in her.

Could all this purportedly done to hype up her new movie? Leni 藍燕 then became the center of attention when she took up the role as the main actress for the world's first 3D AV movie - 3D 肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑, a Hong Kong CAT3 movie released in 14 April 2011.

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