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Rani Aunty sex story

I wanted to fuck this woman from the moment I saw her. She had age and experience on her side, and she proved it from the moment I sat next to her at the bar. She was drinking with another female friend, who got up and excused herself when I arrived. I pictured her in my bedroom, removing her clothes one by one, to reveal a voluptuous full body. I pictured her naked, lying back on the carpet in my room, allowing me to feast my senses on the lusty body.

We left the bar and carried our drinks to a corner sofa in the dimly lit bar room. She held my hand as we sat down, and drew it on to her lap. I felt the fullness of her thighs as I massaged one of them, the silken cloth grazing over the smoothness of her skin. My cock was beginning to stiffen when I felt her palm on my swollen crotch inside my jeans. She rubbed gently, occasionally gripping the ever thickening bulge. Her lips had a faint glisten on them as her tongue ran over them. I slipped an arm between her back and the sofa, pulling the shirt tail out of her skirt and letting my palm caress her skin.. As my hand stroked her spine, I felt her fingers begin to unzip my jeans.

My breathing stopped for a second as I felt her fingers fumble around till they had a grip on my penis. I looked at her and saw the massive mounds of her boobs heaving, her eyelids almost shut as she groped my cock. Two buttons of her shirt seemed to have snapped open and I saw the deep cleavage of her tits, the sharp ridge of her brassiere biting into the soft flesh. As she stroked my phallus, I kept growing in thickness and length. If she continued like that, I knew for sure I would cum in her palm. The tablecloth draped over her stroking hand. My fingers found the clasp of her brassiere; as I was about to remove the catch, she looked at me and the desire in her eyes was desperate. She leaned over and whispered her room number in my ear; then got up, straightened her dress and walked out of the bar room. I waited for a few minutes while my rampant cock subsided and I was able to slip it back into my trousers. I walked up to the bar counter, paid my tab and went to catch the elevator up to the 36th floor.

The presidential suite, no less. She sat on the bed as I pushed open the door. Shutting it behind me, I walked up to her and grabbed her, lifting her up to a standing position and then held her body close to mine. Her breasts pressed against my chest as my arms enfolded her. I kissed the nape of her neck, behind her ear, letting my hands roam over her back. Her shirt was unbuttoned and I felt the wire under her bra press against me. I dropped my hands lower along her spine till they were over her buttocks. I rubbed the round globes firmly, then lifting up the hem of her skirt I realised she wasn't wearing any panties. I gripped the flesh of her ass and squeezed gently, pulling her closer towards me. My prick was hard again and pressed against her thighs. I felt her fingers unbuckling my belt and pulling down the zipper of my trousers. As they fell down past my knees, to my ankles, she slithered down the front of my body and helped me step out of my jeans.

She kept kneeling in front of me as she pushed down my briefs. My cock thrust out from the confines of my underwear and slapped her face. She grazed her cheeks along the length of my shaft, then gripped it with one hand and opened her mouth to take me in. I held her head as she sucked my rigid penis, letting her tongue lash around the red hot tip. Then she pushed her head forward, her mouth widening as she drew the full thickness of my manhood into her mouth. I gripped her head with both hands and forced myself into her mouth till the full length of my cock was inside, my balls touching her chin. Then I pulled out till the tip of my phallus was on her lips again; waited a second and then drove deep inside again. I fucked her mouth, feeling the back of her throat every time I thrust in. Reaching behind her, I unclasped her brassiere and threw it down to the floor beside her.

I grabbed her massive tits in my hands and roughly mangled them, pinching the hardened nipples till I saw the glint of a teardrop in her eyes. I took the nipples into my mouth one after the other, as I roughly pushed down her panties and shoved a couple of fingers into her cunt. She was soaked completely, rivulets of her wetness flowing down the insides of her thighs as I shoved my fingers in and out of her vagina.

I found her mouth again and pushed my fingers in, letting her taste the sweetness of her own juices. Then I took my cock in one hand, held her head with the other, and rammed myself past her lips. The sharp edges of her teeth tried to clamp my hard rigidity as I forced past them and felt her gag again. Holding her head in a vice like grip, I thrust my cock into her mouth, ramming her face in a vicious rhythmic pulverising motion till I felt the juices begin to churn somewhere deep within me. I kept hammering away at her mouth with my cock, now hard hot thick and solid, and felt the first massive gush of semen burst out like from a broken dam. A bucketful of hot white molten liquid heaved into her mouth, followed by another massive load of cum. My body shuddered as another spurt of liquid let itself loose; she opened her mouth wider, pulling her head back, and rivers of the liquid poured out from the corners of her lips, falling in hot globs down her chin and on to her ample breasts. ©mnhb

Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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