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Tamanna and me - Sex Story

I am a regular party-goer from the great city of Mumbai. You people can call me Rohit. I stand 6a01 and have a lean athletic body save for the recently developed paunch. I am quite good at dancing and thus a chum. It was just another saturday night party and the setting was at a bungalow in Madh Island. I had gone with one of my friends. A guy. Both of us alone. We didnt have no dates for the night so we were planning to pick up gals for ourself. But who knew that Iall get picked up.

As soon as we entered, my friend went for his dose of drinks. Since I am a non-drinker I settled for a Coke. Then leaving him at the bar I jumped to the dance floor. I was dancing alone in a trance and didnt notice that I had an audience. Can you believe it?? a group of 4 divine beauties looking at me dance. By the time I realised it they were cheering already. I was quite enchanted and it gave me more confidence. I went forward and asked them to join me on the floor and they did. The most stunning of them was Tanya, a gal with large eyes and a picture perfect figure. But I felt that she was very short for me so I skipped her and settled for Tamanna. Tamanna stood 5a09” had dark brownish eyes and silky shoulder length hair with a blue streak of hair mascara on one of the front locks of her hair. By that time my friend had joined us. And as expected he chose Tanya. Good! We (myself and Tamanna) danced for a while when she said that she was thirsty. I escorted her to the bar, she ordered a shot of tequila for herself and I settled for a fruit punch. We talked, in order to get to know each other better. She told me how much she liked my dance when I asked her if she wants to dance again. She said “No. But I feel like walking…. on the beach.” Aksa beach was a minuteas walk away so I accompanied her there. We were walking when she stumbled I grabbed her by the waist to keep her from falling and held her hand. Then we walked hand in hand for quite a while, then she said “We own a bungalow not very much away from here. Would you like to come over and have a look?” All I managed to say was “Sure.”

I entered their house and she asked me to sit on the couch and she took a seat next to me. I was sitting there talking to her. She kept staring at me. I was pretty nervous and was wondering if she could hear the pounding of my heart. She was wearing a stunning black low-neck dress that just managed to cover her butt and high heels. I knew that she probably had a killer body beneath her clothing and wondered if Iad get to see any of it at all. As Tamanna and I talked it was quite obvious that she was pretty lonely. She made a comment about how athletic I was. I thanked her for the compliment. “You are quite a nice looking girl” I replied to her. She blushed as I complimented her. She continued staring at me. “Doesnt all that dancing tire you?” she asked me. “Yeah, it does. But as long as it impresses you, its fine.” She blushed again then after an awkward moment of silence she said “Would you like a massage? I am quite good at it.” I was stunned but somehow I managed to say “Ok, sure that sounds great”. So, I took my Jacket and Tee off. As I stood there shirtless, she came up behind me. “You look so tense” she said. Her hands rested upon my broad shoulders. She began rubbing my shoulders, giving me a massage, and quite a hardon I might add. Her breathing became faster and quite erratic, as she rubbed my shoulders, and her hands slid down my chest. She softly moaned as she rubbed my firm young chest. I thought that its time I get a bit bold so I grabbed her hand and pushed it towards the large bulge in my shorts. She gasped as her hand touched my swollen crotch. “Go ahead and touch it” I told her. “No one will ever know” I added. Tamanna began gripping the bulge with her hands. I undid my button, and unzipped my Levias. I pulled my throbbing hard cock out. Her eyes got very wide and she smiled as she looked at my hard cock. “Go ahead and stroke it, you know you want to” I told her. Tamanna gripped my cock with her soft hands. She softly moaned as she began stroking my hard pulsating cock. I stood and faced her. She continued stroking my hard cock as I pressed my lips to hers. I slid my tongue inside of her mouth. She was shaking as I began french kissing her. “Mmm” she moaned. Her own wet tongue began circling mine as we passionately kissed. I cupped her large breasts through her sexy dress and gave them a firm squeeze. I could feel her nipples harden beneath my fingers. I slid one of my hands inside her dress. I rubbed her hot pussy through her satin panties. She was very wet. She moaned softly as I rubbed her hot pussy through the silken material. Her hand never missed a stroke on my hard cock. I began to unzip her dress from the back. I let it slip to the floor. She stood before me in no bra as I had expected, panties, and her stilletos. Her breasts were probably a 36 d and her rosy nipples were quite large. I took one of her erect nipples into my mouth. I gently nibbled and sucked it.

Tamanna moaned louder as I sucked her beautiful breasts. I quickly removed her wet panties from her body. She had very long, pretty legs. I looked at her clean shaved quim. My hand quickly found her clit. I rubbed the swollen bud with my thumb as I slid a finger inside of her. She moaned very loudly as my finger entered her hot pussy. I knelt between her legs, and pulled her wet pussy lips apart with my fingers. As my tongue darted inside of her, she yelped. Her body began to shake wildly as she climaxed. “God, you are so hot” I told her. “Jesus, Iave never been kissed there” she said. “Do you like it?” I asked her. “oh yes honey, I love it” she moaned. I quicky took her swollen clit between my lips and sucked it for her. Her juices were flowing quite freely into my young mouth. She climaxed again very intensely. I held her to keep her from falling. I stood up, and pushed her to the floor. My long thick throbbing cock was only inches from her mouth. I pushed her mouth against the big pulsating head. She opened her mouth and took me inside. It felt wonderful. She swirled her tongue all around my big cock head. I moaned as she continued taking me deeper into her mouth. She licked the hot oozing precum from my cock, hungrily. I knew she needed a fuck really bad. So, I pulled her from the floor. “Whereas the bedroom?” I asked her. “Over there” she whispered, pointing at a door down the hall. I lifted her in my arms and walked towards the bedroom and tossed her on the bed. I took another look at her pussy and asked “Are you a virgin Tamanna?” “Yes” was her somewhat embarrassed reply. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” I further asked. She was left speechless for a second or two before she said “Yes”. I pushed her pretty legs widely apart and began pressing my swollen cockhead against her wet pussy. She moaned as I slowly entered her tight neglected pussy. It felt so hot, tight and wet. I slowly fucked her. My cock slid deeply into her. She quickly wrapped her long legs around my back, pulling me deeper inside of her.

It felt as if my cock hit the back of her pussy as I thrust forward. Tamanna came furiously as I slowly fucked her, keeping my dick buried deeply inside of her. I bit her large erect nipples and squeezed her big pretty breasts with my hands. She bucked her hips wildly beneath me. “God, Iam gonna cum” I moaned to her. “Oh, yes, baby, give it to me, I want it all” she yelled. My cum erupted deeply into her hot pussy. She grunted and thrust against me. As my hot cum began squirting inside of her, she came. I pressed my mouth over hers, and passionately kissed her as we both came. She wiggled beneath me like she was on fire. I continued pumping my cum into her tight pussy. As my last drops of cum dripped into her, she kissed me passionately. “Oh, my Gosh” she said, I have never felt like that before.

I was still rock hard as I looked at her pretty naked body. I rolled her to her stomach and entered her from behind. She grunted as I fucked her doggy style. My cock was embedded very deeply inside of her extremely tight pussy. I could feel her pelvic bone as I thrust into her with great fury. I fucked her hard and fast this time. She came quickly as my cock pounded away at her pussy. The tightness, and thrill of what was happening kept me from lasting very long, I grunted and came. Once again, I emptied my hot cum deep inside of her wonderful pussy. She thrust her pretty ass against me, keeping me deeply inside of her. I firmly squeezed her pretty breasts as I pounded away inside of her hot pussy. As my last drops of cum oozed from my cock head, I withdrew it from her.

“Oh, Baby, she moaned, thank you so much” “You donat have to thank me” I told her. “It was incredible and I liked it too” I told her. We got dressed quickly to return to the party. “Are you seeing anybody?” she asked. “No” I said. “You wanna go around?” she further asked. I said “Sure” and was quite happy about it. We held hands again. And I gave her a very passionate kiss before I genuinely said “Tamanna I think I am falling in love with you.” “So am I” was her prompt reply. “I never believed in love at first sight” I said. ” I always did” she said.

Its been a year since then. We are going strong as yet and we had sex once again after that. We are planning to get married as soon as my career shoots. I am happy it was all love not lust.
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