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Tamanna Takes on Love to Sex

Being the most popular beautiful busy and sexy hot actress, tamanna now is unhappy about her upcoming film's postpones and the refusal of directors to give her 1 crore for her call sheet.Truly, thiis not the right approach for the most popular and beautiful actress of kollywood.Her cute eyes triangled face her white pale skin and her hot chilly red lips just surpass the 1 crore mark.

So she decided to have a break up in her filming and spend some time lonely.She decided to go to switzerland and spend some time there.Since it was a personally motivated trip she went alone.After landing in switzerland she called a taxi and went to a luxury hotel, booked a room and took a nice little nap.

After waking up from the nap,she went to the streets os the swiss and just roamed across.She was wearing a tight white jean with green shirt which was a zipper type.Even the guys living there dropped their jaw low in respect to this scintillating beauty and thought that she was their country girl due to the whiteness.The scene of the zip jumping across her chest when walkiing and her sexy walk with her hands at her pockets situated on her ass cheeks made the guys cum at the moment they saw.

As always due to her wide stardom in the field she was surrounder by a crowd of fans even in the streets of swiss.She gave the usual annoying look of the older and younger ones coming to her with a stupid grin begging like dogs for a photo with her and some idiotic looks from the old guys who would stare at her deep sexy impressive and gorgeous navel which is a god's gift and one of the best in the kollywood town.She was sweating in the shirt and had some patches of soaked shirt.Feeling discomfort and disgusted she quickly ignored the crown with a flaunting sexy smile and went back to the hotel.

But on her way to the hotel she decided to hang out for a while in a pub and enjoy herself in the disco-the.She went there and sat on the chair and enjoyed the ambiance of the hall.She ordered for a couple of drinks and then went to the disco arena and started dancing with the guys and ladies out there.But the problem is that she did not have any partner so she had to do it.

So she searched for a partner.All of them were foreigners but she did not feel secure.So she searched for an indian or at least an asian.There were some indians hanging around.But most of them were old ones who were staring at her and were asking for autographs and photographs with a stupid grin.Fortunately, she was able to find a perfect partner who is good looking and has a nice body.

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