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Archana was a budding actress when I first met her in a small village that I rode into one rainy summer afternoon. I had parked my Kawasaki under a thatched overhang, waiting for the downpour to stop. Behind me was a pinewood cottage with a roof similar to the overhang in the porch that I stood under. Wondering if there was anyone inside, I walked up to a window and peered in. There, in deep slumber on the bed, was a woman whose ethnic beauty I had never seen before. As she slept, her breathing gently swelling her breasts with every inhalation. I could see a deep cleavage and a delectable navel in the flat of her stomach, and felt a gentle hard-on stir in my groin.
She opened her eyes as I stared at that beautiful face and sexy body, and stared at my face. I still couldn’t take my eyes off her. She rose slowly from the bed and walked up to the door which I heard her unlatch. She took hold of my hand and pulled me into the room. I followed her like a lamb as she walked us to the bed, turned around and pressed her body against mine. Her boobs heaved against my chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face towards her as our lips met. Soft succulent lips pressed against mine as she darted her tongue into my mouth and swished around.
My hands went to her waist, feeling the smooth skin of her sides and lower back. I slid my arms lower till my palms were against her buttocks, feeling their firmness through the rustling silk of her sari. I felt her hands unravel from around my neck and skitter down my front till they reached my crotch, her fingers teasing my penis to a solid hardness through the cotton of my tracksuit bottom. The bulge was evident as I pressed myself against her, pulling her ass hard against me and mashing her lips with mine.
She knelt before me, dragging down the top of my tracksuit with one hand. My cock stood out rampant and hard, slapping her face as it snapped out from the release. Her boobs were pressed against my thighs. I ran my fingers through her hair, feeling the delicate softness of her face as she rubbed her cheek against my shaft. She pushed out her tongue and licked the tip of my cock, her fingers groping for my testicles. As I held the back of her head, she opened her mouth and let me push myself into her. My cock had swollen to a mammoth thickness which I pushed gently into her mouth.
She drew me in, sucking on my cock and gripping the shaft with one hand. I bent slightly and felt the round contours of her boobs in my hands, the ridges of her brassiere stressed against my palms. I pushed my phallus deep into her mouth and began a slow back and forth movement. I was going to cum in her mouth and she knew it. She drew me in harder as I mashed her breasts in my hands, pushing my fingers beneath the top of her blouse and under the brassiere. Her nipples were taut and her bosom full. I pinched her nipples a little roughly and that only made her push her face all the way down the shaft of my cock.
I couldn’t hold back any more and felt the orgasmic burst erupt deep inside her mouth. She let the white hot loads of cum fill her mouth, every pulsating lunge of my thighs shooting forth more molten liquid into her. When I was done, I pulled myself out of her mouth and she swallowed the white liquid in one gulp; then licked off the sticky wetness from the tip of my penis and swallowed again.
Exhausted, I lay back on her bed, leaning against the headrest. She placed her head on my thigh and rested with her eyes shut. I watched her boobs heave and wanted so much to see her naked. But I didn’t want to force her. Left it all to her so she would do what she wanted in her own time. As I stared at her face, her breasts, the curve of her hip draped in red silk, and delectable feet sticking out below the hem of her sari, I felt myself growing hard again. My penis was near her head and as it rose, it grazed her forehead and the silken waves of raven hair. I stroked my cock slowly, watching her all the time, wanting to shove it deep into her again.
I slipped my thigh out from under her head and gently lowered it to the mattress. Rising slowly, I knelt above her and let my penis slide against her skin. I wasn’t sure if she was asleep but I wanted to push my cock into her mouth again. Leaning forward from behind her head, I felt my extended and hard penis against the coolness of her smooth skin. Still not wanting to wake her up, I pushed the tip of my hot shaft against the cool fullness of her lips. Involuntarily, her mouth opened slightly and I started easing my stiff cock into it. Her lips parted wider and then I felt her tongue snaking around my penis. She opened her eyes, reached out a hand and cupped my balls over her face. Then she eased my cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue along the sensitive underside of my scrotum, her hot breath washing over my testicles.
She raised herself on the bed and my cock rested against her boobs, nestling in the cleavage that was warm and wet with perspiration. She lowered her head and ran her tongue along the length; her hand gripping it in a fist and stroking it hard. She masturbated me like that till once again I felt the boiling cauldron stir deep within. I held her boobs together, pressing them against each other; letting my fingers play over the stiff nipples that jutted against the inside of her bra and blouse. And suddenly, with an involuntary heave, the first spurt of semen burst through my glans and shot out towards her face.

She grabbed hold of my phallus and drew it into her mouth after that first spurt. The next few lunges of my hips towards her face thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as more hot white liquid burst out of my cock. Much of it shot into the dark cavern of her mouth; still more splayed her face as mucous fluid burned her delicate skin. She lay back on the bed as I trailed the last few drops of semen across her lips and face, once again feeling the fiery breath of a spent woman on my groin.
Later that night, in the early hours after the rain had stopped, I undressed her completely and lay her supine on the bed. I licked her cunt, probed her vagina and let my tongue lash the hard protuberant clit till she came in a shower of fine liquid cum; she screamed out her orgasm and then fell flat on the bed, into a deep deep slumber. I jacked off once while she slept and was surprised to find that there was still a lot of semen in my balls. Shooting out loads of cum all over her tits and her stomach, I came for the third or fourth time that night.
When I awoke in the morning, the sun just rising, I saw an empty bed with a note on the pillow saying she’d be back in half an hour, and had signed it Archana. But before she returned, I hurriedly got ready, started my bike and disappeared into the rising sun. On the way, I saw a poster for a film or theatre – can’t remember which – showing Archana in battledress, sword in hand, fighting off a rogue army singlehandedly.
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