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House of Disrepute

Asha has always been a favourite although I dont spend enough time with her. My face busried in her chest, tongue longing to thrash her hard nipples, hands grabbing her wholesome tits, sneaking a finger into her cunt -- we love playing with each other. She'll dress up for me, and then do a striptease while my cock goes on the rampage. Then she'll unzip my trousers and draw out an already rigid and thick penis and rub it against various parts of her body. Making love to her is always a mind expanding experience, losing myself in the vortex of time and space when she tightens her vaginal muscles to draw a full load of cum from my cock. And I grip her buttocks so tightly, drawing her to me everytime that happens, driving deep ito her, sometime tearing apart her tight vaginal lips. Sweet Asha, beautiful Flora, my own Mayuri.

Bhuvaneswari has been my whore, my mistress and my friend since she was 18 years old, or maybe a little younger than that. We fuck more than we make love; and I think I've fucked her more than any other woman. She has taken my engorged phallus into every orifice. I still remember when I introduced her to anal -- delicately at first, then savagely; I raped her that night, holding her down as she lay on her stomach, parting her thick thighs, lubricating her asshole the first time, then plunging my fiery cock into her anus till it went deep inside her; 8,9 inches deep; and how she cried that night. First out of fear, then because of the pain, and finally on account of a pleasure she had never experienced before. She wants me in her anus more than she wants me anywhere else nowadays when we meet.

Every time, which is at least once a year for the last few years, before our first night together is over, she will have willed me to a state of frantic arousal and desire to fuck her backside. We smoke a couple of joints, drink a couple of vodka tonics, and she plays with my cock, not letting me enter her. We kiss deep tongue probing kisses, I fondle her massive tits, play with her pubic hair which she leaves unshaven when she knows I'll be visiting, and i rub her clit till she's dripping wet.

Sometimes, she'll pay with another girl -- last time it was Anushka. She made the young girl spurt a massive burst as she climaxed; then she came to me, turned around, knelt down and bent over, parting her buttocks, waiting for me to shove my engorged phallus into her asshole. Within a minute of my piercing her, we came in a crescendo of bursting cum -- huge loads with every thrust, and the hot liquid trickled down the insides of her thighs.

As I lay down alone in the room, my cock large but limp, Spoorthi walked in and climbed on to the bed. She seemed fascinated with my huge penis, rubbing her fingers along the lenght, the bending down and taking me into her mouth. Wet and hardening, she slipped my cock between her breasts and shagged me till I came on her chest, deep pools of cum in her cleavage.

And of course, there's Namitha. She puts on weight every once in a while, then loses it again. But she's a voluptuous woman. The first time I fucked her, I paid. She was a whore. The second time I fucked her, she took no money. And since then, we meet every once in a while, spending a night or two together. She is one of the greatest fucks I have experienced. My body, stripped of all my clothes, lying on a bed next to a naked Namitha, is sinful bliss. There is so much of her; firm in the right placces, smooth skin all over, perfect nipples and a mouth that was made for kissing. That is Namitha. Her breasts are what first attracted me to her. I still remember unbuttoning her shirt the first time, pushing aside the cups of her brassiere, and freeing those huge jugs. Taking the nipple into my mouth, feeling her hand snake down my front and unzip my jeans, reaching inside with delicate fingers.

I couldn't resist. I pushed her back on to the bed and as her skirt rose, I tore off her panties and pushed my face against her cunt, my tongue diving into her vagina, her lips already soaking wet. I nibbled on her clitoris as it slowly thrust out, hardening against my tongue. I slipped a hand under her ass and felt the form contours of her back side as I slipped a finger into her anus.

But she wanted more that night. She turned around, raised herslef on her knees and offered her buttocks to me. I kissed her asshole, wetting it with my saliva, then rose and took my cock in my hand. Parting her asshole with the fiery tip of my cock, I gripped her hips firmly and shoved myself into her, like a spear being forced into her grotto. She wanted me to cum inside.

Charmi. Elusive and sometime frigid. Not the best of fucks but what a blowjob she gives. To me at least. Naked, she kneels in front of me and takes nmy cock into her mouth. It grows from a flaccid cock to a rigid granite hard steel rod in her mouth. I thrust in and out like I'm fucking her face; she shuts her eyes and looks as though she's enjoying the sensation in places other than her mouth. Her face flushes, her cunts begins to drip with pre-cum, her nipples jut out, and all the time I just hold her head and keep ramming myself into her. Whwn I cum, for brief moment my cock escapes her mouth and I offload huge thick dollops of semen on her face.. But before another spurt, she takes me back into her mouth where the next bursts of semen squirt against the back of her throat as she swallows every drop of the hot white liuid.
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