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Priyamani sex story

Priya. My lover. When I rang the doorbell to your house that late rainy September evening, an dnobody answered, I pushed the door an found that it was unlocked. You weren't in any of the rooms downstairs so I walked up the carpeted staircase to the first floor. I could hear the shower cascading in the bathroom at the end of the hallway and headed towards the door.

I stood there for a while, then pushed the door open slightly so I could see into the bathroom. You were in the shower cabinet, water raining over your head and face; the wet hair plastered on your head, framing your beautiful face. Your eyes shut as the water poured over you, firm breasts that seem so clean and inviting. I just stared in absolute awe and wonder; felt my penis begin to swell as the blood rushed in. Your hands glided over your boobs, grazing over the already taut nipples, and down over the flatness of your stomach.

As your fingers drifted towards the top of your pubic area, I stepped out of my jeans and walked towards the shower cabinet. Although your eyes were still shut, I wondered if you knew I was there. You went down on to your knees, fingers gently probing the entrance to your cunt. I pulled the shower door open and stepped inside, letting my cock rise against your face. You kept your eyes shut as I took strands of your glistening wet hair and wrapped them around my rock hard shaft. Your breasts slithered against my thighs as you pushed your fingers deeper inside your cunt.

I took your swollen tits into my hands and rubbed them, caressed them, fondled them. Bending my knees slightly, I slipped my cock between your boobs and let it stroke the length of your cleavage as you held your tits together. As you sunk to the floor, your smooth silken ass on the wet granite, I took your face in my hands and drew it towards my penis. Your lips slid along the shaft, downwards till I felt your tongue slither along the rough texture of my testicles. You opened your mouth and sucked my balls in, gently rolling them as your hand grasped the thickness of my cock.

As you stroked me, I seemed to be growing bigger and harder. I wanted to stuff the thickness deep into you. I wanted to shove myself into your ass, and your mouth, and your cunt all at the same time.

The madness was getting to me. And thenI felt your mouth move up, gliding along the base of the rigid shaft all the way to the fiery red tip. As I looked down, I saw those full lips part as my hard penis disappeared into your mouth. I felt the warm wetness envelop me, drawing me deeper and deeper into your throat. Wanting me to cum in your mouth.

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