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Malishka and Nayantara and Parvati Melton sex story

Take your clothes off, Parvathi. Show me that lithe body, svelte, made for sex if ever a body was. All woman. 
As my fingers trace the sharp contours of your face, grazing against the soft wet lips as your tongue gingerly sticks out to lick them. You suck one finger into your mouth, and I feel the point of your tongue lash around it. 
Your hand gropes at my crotch, rubbing the outline of my cock through my pants as it gets stiff.

I let my hands glide past your neck and shoulders, down to your full ripe breasts. Those tits that so many men have craved for. Now mine. As I wrap my palms around those delicious orbs, I feel the nipples jut out against the coarseness of my palms. I also realise that you are lowering the zipper of my jeans, pushing your hand deep inside and pulling out my penis. In the soft velvet of your palm, I swell and the hardness begins to throb; the blood pulsing in a rythmic staccato.

I stand you up and lean against your body, your back against my chest, the rounded cheeks of your buttocks pressed against me as my cock slides between them, my balls tickling the insides of your thighs. I slip a hand between your legs and
feel the wetness as your juices begin to flow.

Parvathi, you melt on me. While Malishka waits. Another dream, another fantasy. Full mane of raven black cascades from your head. I feel my penis buried deep in that tangled mass; furtively seeking the smoothness of your cheeks and the lushness of your lips. Your bounteous breasts heaving as I push my cock into your mouth, ramming it deep inside, fucking those full inviting lips.

I bend over and feel the furry entrance to your cunt, pushing two fingers inside the liquid heat of your body. Your short hard clitoris, like a sentinel, guards the entrance to your grotto.

Bending at the knees behind you, I push my thick hard cock between your legs and as I rise it pushes past the wet portals of your vagina, penetrating the tightness of your cunt. As I push upwards and deeper, I hear you groan in ecstasy, your mouth open as you grab the only solidness of our dream. Pummeling you from behind, I feel the hot rush of an erupting volcano burst out as loads of pent up semen shoot deep inside you. With each lunge I feel another gush of liquid molten fire rush into your deepest cave.... Nayantara, anothe time!

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