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Actress Bhavana hot sex story

I've been seing Bhavana off and on for a couple of years; at parties, at official do's, and once hurriedly in a small cramped room where I bumped into her by mistake. We groped and fooled around; I tried to get her to take off her clothes and let me fuck her but all I got that time was a blowjob. But that was some years ago. Bhavana - never did forget her though....But last Thursday, I had a meeting at her office about some contracts she was signing and a common friend had asked me to take some time off and help her so that the sharks didn't get her. After the meeting, about 9:00 pm I went to say bye to her before leaving. The door was shut so I knocked and waited for her to open it; I could see her through the blinds behind the plate glass.
She saw me and beckoned me in; the door was unlocked. "Thanks so much for helping me out today, Darth" she said. I shrugged ambivalently and she said "I was hoping you'd stop by before leaving. I have to change and get into something for a formal dinner with these guys. Will you be coming with us?" "No, I have a flight to catch in a couple of hours so I'd best be getting along" I told her. She kept unbuttoning her shirt as though I wasn't there. I saw the light coloured brassiere holding back her boobs and wondered how she seemed so much more mature than when I last saw her. Her body was fuller, and she was more carefree. Then looking at me, Bhavana asked "Do you remember the last time we met? I dream of that time so often. Wet dreams just thinking of that brief encounter"
My mind seemed to direct my body without hesitation and I walked up to her as she threw down her shirt and started to unbuckle her trousers. I reached her and let my hands encircle her; one palm gliding along her flat stomach as the other caressed the curve of her back. She leaned into me and I smelt the delicate purfume on the nape of her neck. The hot breath from my nose brushed the back of her ear as my lips kissed her shoulders, then up against her neck. My cock was already a hard bulge in my pants, pressing against the firmness of her thigh as she pushed herself against me. I felt her hand rub the swell of my throbbing penis as I pushed one hand between the elastic of her panties and her soft belly, my fingers edging down to feel the trimmed hairline of her crotch.
She gasped as my finger found the wetness of her cunt; as I slipped it in, her head fell backwards and  she thrust her pelvis hard against my hand. She unzipped my trousers and dug past my shorts to pull out my manhood. I was hot and hard and thick, growing to my fullness in the grasp of her hand. The she eased away from me and turned towards the table to support herself as she tried pushing her trousers off. Her backside was firm and round and inviting. I walked up to her as she craned her neck to look at me. My cock rubbed up against her ass as I stroked her bum. Then, gripping the waistline of her pants, I pulled it down to her ankles so she could step out of them. My hands gripped her hips and I massaged those delectable buttocks, pulling aside the thong and kissing her briefly over her crack.
Sweet delicate Bhavana. That's how I had remembered her all these years. But now she was a woman; mature and experienced, confident about her mind and her body. I looked at her standing there, no more the demure girl of a couple of years ago. Standing upright in her bra and panties, black knee-length stockings, she was almost regal. I wanted to kiss her mouth and her neck; wanted to unhook the brassiere and take her tits into my hands. I wanted to pull her nipples into my mouth and feel the hard protuberances against my tongue. I wanted to push my face into her crotch and inhale the perfume from her cunt; push my tongue into it and lash her clitoris. I wanted to stroke her ass and shove my cock into her hole. I wanted her to open herself completely to my invasion.
I went behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it slip off her arms and drop to the floor. I had removed my clothes and stood against her body, our skins merging as the heat seemed to fuse us together. Without turning around, she snaked her hands behind her back against my chest and stomach, and her fingers took hold of my phallus. She stroked the full length of my cock, from the raging hot tip down to the base; her fingers twirling my thick bush of pubic hair, then lower till she had my testicles in her palms. I felt her push her ass back towards me and I knew she wanted my cock in her. In her mouth; in her cunt; maybe even up her ass. So I pushed her panties down past the swell of her hips and let it glide down to the floor. I pushed my palm between her legs and felt the burning wetness of her cunt.
Bhavana was breathing hard now, gasping with anticipation and the pleasure of this delectable foreplay. With my penis standing thick and upright against the delicious mounds of her ass, she gradually slipped and slid down towards the floor. I felt her smooth ass and the slight bumps of her spine graze against my cock as her body slipped lower; then the back of her neck was warm against my balls as she slowly turned around. Her face was in front of my shaft and I felt the hot breath from her nose and mouth just before she parted her lips and sucked me in. The hot liquid sensation surrounding my hardness almost made me cum in huge loads that would have filled her up and splattered her face in a hot white shower that would trickle down to her tits. But I held back. Just about.

I knew that I would fuck her tonight; maybe after her dinner and after I cancelled my flight. But now I wanted to pleasure her. To give this woman a new fantasy to remember. I pulled her off the floor and helped her up on to her desk. Then I stepped back just to enjoy the beauty that is Bhavana. But the ecstacy was still in her eyes, and a strong heat emanated from her body. Her lips were wet and her cunt juices were flowing as she dipped a finger into her vagina and splayed those lips. She sought out her clitoris and rubbed it to an erection which I could see. I went to her and bent down to kiss her on the lips; a deep, probing, lingering kiss with our tongues searching and lashing one another. My cock stood out like a white hot lance, its tip nudging the opening of her cunt, her grip trying to push me into her.
For a while, I allowed myself the pleasure of feeling her cunt grip my cock as Bhavana used her vaginal muscles to draw me in deeper. But for fear that I would explode inside her, I withdrew myself after a few minutes of pumping her. Instead, I knelt down on the carpet and let the tip of my tongue explore around her cunt. Kissing, leaving a wet trail on the insides of her thighs as my hands stroked her flesh. I felt her hands draw my head towards her cunt and I parted my lips to kiss her vaginal opening. The animal-like musky smell was intoxicating as I breathed in deeply, my lips all over hers. I let my tongue lick around the rim of her labia, then allowed it to probe inside her. I pushed my toongue deep inside her, then used my fingers to rub her.
I could hear Bhavana groaning, the sounds becoming louder and rythmical as her body seemed to pulsate against my face. With the tip of my tongue I felt her hardened clitoris and I lashed at it. I slipped a hand under her buttocks and searched for her asshole. I gently nibbled and sucked her cunt, my teeth occassionaly rubbing against her clit. Her moans turned into screams as her body bucked harder. I shoved one finger into her asshole, pushing it deep as it lubricated with the juices that ebbed out of her. Her screams got louder and her body thrashed more violently; I knew that she was fast approaching an orgasm that would tear out of her like a thunderstorm, rippin her apart. And then it came...her body bent viciously against me; spurts of fine liquid fired out of her cunt as she went into the throes of a mind numbing ecstacy no man will ever understand... ©mnhb 2011
Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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