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Didn't know Aarthi at all till we were introduced in Delhi last night. Didn't spend too long together; just about an hour or so. She wanted me to take some photographs of hers so we went to one of the smaller ballrooms at the hotel. She locked the door and I just told her to do her own thing. She had massive tits that created huge mounds in her tight red sweater. But she stripped really fast and was down to her bra and panties in no time. She looked at my crotch and knew that I was getting a hard-on. And then, she actually pulled aside her panties and showed me her delicious pink cunt. Man, she was hot! Real hot!! I couldn't resist so I put down my camera and walked to where she was. Slipped a finger, then two, into the slippery and wet and warm hole. What a night it was going to be -- bu
t that's a story for another time...

I was looking at a video I had shot of Sangeetha a few months ago and remembering the weekend we had spent in this hotel in the Maldives. Man, she was such a horny babe, despite her innocent looks. After a dip in our private pool, she lay almost naked in the sun. I saw her through the window, quietly slipping off her panties, a look of absolute desire on her face.
After kicking her panties away, she stroked her belly and rubbed her breasts as her nipples hardened. Then she raised her legs straight up in the air and her hand went between her thighs and started to stroke the outer lips of her cunt. I could see the moisture begin to luricate her vagina and feel my own cock grow bigger and harder with every passing second. With one hand holding my videocam, I used the other to drop my swimming trunks and take hold of my cock. I kept stroking myself in the same rhythm as Sangeetha caressed and rubbed her cunt. Her breasts heaved as her breath became shorter. She wet her lips with her tongue and pushed a finger tentatively into her vagina. My manhood had swollen to its massive hardness and I couldn't resist the urge to fuck Sangeetha now. I left the camera on the window sill and went out to her.
Standing above her, my penis standing long and thick and upright against her face. She knew I was there but didn't open her eyes. I bent my knees so that my balls grazed her lips. The tip of her tongue snaked out of her lips and touched the sensitive testicles while she jammed her fingers now deep inside her cunt. What wonderful memories that weekend has for me....
Kajal, Oh Kajal. Your mouth surrounding every inch of my cock as I shove it deep, deep into your mouth. You gag when it touched the back of your throat but you won't let go. You want me to erupt inside your mouth; you want to taste the hot white cum; you want to feel it splatter against that beautiful smooth skin of your face. Your grip on my swollen penis is always so hard, whether you are masturbating me or whether your mouth envelopes me, or whether I drive into your tight little cunt. But most of all, when I shove it up your backside, drilling into your asshole -- tight grip like a vice, the hole in your ass expands only just enough to accomodate me. But now, I cum all over your face because that's where you want the molten liquid. You hold my cock and shag me faster and faster, then cover me with your mouth where most of my semen explodes, then on your face and lips.
Kausha, dear Kausha. Its been many years now but you haven't changed. Always liked a big huge cock in you; anywhere inside. Or even outside you, you always like to tease and play with my penis, rubbing it against your nipples, nuzzling your cheeks against the raging hot spear, or trying to clasp it in the crevice of your wonderful buttocks, or sometimes wanting me to fuck your boobs which you oil and let me slide between. But most of all you love to take me into your mouth; caressing my balls with one hand and encouraging me to shove myself as deep into your throat as possible. The wonderful things you do with your tongue, and teeth and lips. Gorgeous Kausha, your massive tits slapping against my thighs with every shove as I ram my phallus into your mouth.
Ramya, my love. That day in the dressing room after you had shot the dance sequence for some film or the other. Sitting naked in front of the mirror, wearing your glasses, taking off your false jewelry; you saw my reflection and turned around. Desperate as always, remembering the previous night, you hurriedly unzipped my trousers and took me into your mouth. I was desperate too, and couldn't hold back for more than five minutes of your sucking. You kept looking at yourself in the mirror and my cock thrusting into your mouth; it seemed to enhance your pleasure. Your tits hung wonderfully and swayed as your face slid up and down the length of my shaft. And then I erupted all over you; holding my cock in my hand, I almost squeezed out the cum in a sharp burst into your mouth and on your face and glasses. Still looking at yourself in the mirror as the white liquid dribbled down your face.
Loving Tanisha, so caring whenever we meet; but a wonderful dark side despite that polished exterior. When you give me your body, it is like the ultimate playground for my fantasies. The way you lie flat and naked to cover me completly when I lie down. The way your breasts press hard against my chest and stomach as you slide down towards my middle and lick my cock.
Tasleema. My real-life vamp. Dancing in the dark dressed in flimsy folds of misty drapes, naked underneath. Snakes upwards from my feet to my face and the mist drops off layer by layer till she stands naked against my body; her breasts full and voluptuous against my chest, my cock swollen and rigid against her abdomen as she writhes against my skin. Then down to the floor she drags me, taking my enormous cock in her hands and stroking it, anointing the shaft with her saliva every now and again. And then she takes me deep into her mouth and holds me there till I feel the volcanic lava about to erupt from deep inside. In massive loads of hot white semen, I disgorge my cum into her mouth and all over her face as she continues to hold me hard and lick my shaft. Rubbing the tip of my penis all over her face, creaming herself with my cum.
The film crew have left when I dive into the river and surface just alongside Namitha. The water acts like a lubricant between our bodies as I encircle her waist and cup her massive tits, my cock pressed against her ass. I finger her nipples as she reaches behind and grips my cock, attempting to push it into her cunt by parting her thighs and straddling me. I slip into her; nobody sees us, nobody hears the sound of waves gently lapping against our bodies...
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