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Kausha sex story

The last time I saw her – which was also the first time I saw her – she was shooting for a film. I have no idea which one, nor do I remember where it was. What I do remember is the desire that she triggered off in my heart and in my loins. Looking at her in a blouse and long skirt, her breasts pushing firmly against the cotton fabric of her top, held back securely by her bra, I remember wanting to touch her. I stared at her from afar, hidden I think by a tree or a shack or something. And suddenly I realise that her eyes had locked with mine. I couldn’t make out what her eyes were saying but I felt that stirring deep inside; felt my cock begin to swell as I pictured myself up against her body. In my mind, I saw my hands go to her face and draw her forward as I kissed her on the lips....
I felt my hands girdle her waist and the contours of her hips as they swelled and then tapered down to her thighs. And with each random thought, I grew harder inside my jeans. Was she looking at me with a knowing glint in her eyes? Was she imagining what it would be to make love to that tall long-haired stranger? Did I see her breasts swell as she drew in a deep breath, or was I only imagining it? Nothing however came of that brief non-encounter; I had to leave almost immediately. But the dream of holding that face in my hands and wrapping myself around that body never left me. In fact, many a night has that vision drenched me in a sweat and an orgasmic climax in mysleep!

Last week I came to Lampakha, in Nepal. I’m helping a friend with a documentary on the region and we had been shooting all week. This afternoon, he and the crew caught the small plane back to Kathmandu; they’ll send it back for me tomorrow – weather permitting. But just before sundown, another small Piper landed on the thin airstrip and I was told that there was a film crew that was coming here from somewhere in India. I walked up to the airstrip with a couple of locals, out of curiosity more than anything. But instead of a film crew, just one woman walked down the three step ladder, clad in a blue sari. Unbelievable. It was Kausha. I went back lost in my thoughts of our last encounter, and at dusk I went out in search of her. As things were, there was only this inn and the odds were she would be staying here itself. And that's where I found her; in the orchard behind our motel.

I don't think she was expecting anyone to be in this tiny village, much less someone who would barge in on her privacy. She was till wearing her sari but had taken off her blouse and brassiere as she walked around the garden-orchard, lost in a deep rumination. I stood still, not wanting to disturb the beautiful vision, so calm and heavenly. And then our eyes met. She dropped her arm, letting the sari cover her exposed breasts, but made no other gesture. Instead, she stared at me again like she had done those years before. I hesitated only a moment, then walked across the yard to where she stood. Still not a word, and I kept the silence. I bent my head down and kissed her briefly on her lips, feeling an instantaneous but equally brief response from Kausha. As I brushed back her hair with my fingers over her ears, I saw the glimmer of a smile.
I took her face in both my hands and leaned in to kiss her mouth more fully this time. Her lips were full and wet as I pushed the tip of my tongue past them and into her mouth. She didn't resist; opened her mouth to me and pushed her tongue along the edges of my teeth, then far back into my mouth. Her hands wrapped tightly around my neck as she drew my head towards her.

Kissing her deeply, I pushed the long drape of her sari off her shoulder and let it slip down to the ground, anchored by a tuck into her waist. Her full breasts were firm as I cupped first one, then the other. Her nipples were hard when my palm grazed against them and my fingers gently pinched. My hands roamed all across her torso, feeling the flatness of her stomach and the indent of her lower spine, I pulled her in against my body as I felt her hand groping around the zipper of my trousers.

With my arms still wrapped around her, I turned her around so that her ass pressed against my cock; her hand still fumbled but found the zipper which she pulled down. As I cupped both her breasts in my hands and mashed them against each other, rubbing a little harder now, she shoved her hand into my trousers and drew out my quickly hardening penis. I felt myself growing in length and girth as she wrapped her fist around it. My hands strayed down towards the front of her sari as I followed the curve of her belly descending to her cunt and the V formed by her thighs. I drew her strongly towards me as the cloth bunched into her groin. She threw her head back against my chest and shoulder and tugged my shaft back and forth; the fiery red tip grazing against the synthetic fabric of her dress. Her breathing was sharp and her bosom heaved in rythm with her stroking of my cock.
I turned Kausha around again so that she faced me, draped the sari over her head, and lowered mine on to her breasts. I felt the hot mounds of flesh against my cheeks as my evening stubble rubbed against her nipples. I let my tongue slither in the deep cleavage between her tits, then slipped one large and hard nipple between my lips and sucked it deep into my mouth.
As I moved my mouth from one nipple to the other, I used my hands to unravel the sari from her waist, untie her petticoat, and let both drop to the ground, dragging the last vestige from on top of her head. She was wearing no panties and for a moment the full impact of this beautiful heavenly vision had me stunned. She felt my open stare and I saw a brief flush creep over her face as she looked demurely at her feet. But my cock was raging and I grabbed her naked body and drew her hard against me. Her hand crept down and cupped my testicles as she reached her face up to kiss me on the mouth. My hands slipped behind her and I grabbed her ass and pulled her even harder towards me. My fingers clawed at the cleave of her buttocks as they tried to worm themselves under her bum and into her cunt from the back. I felt her tug my stiff manhood and rub it against the lips of her cunt.
The fire was raging inside me and I could feel her heartbeat racing against my chest. Holding my cock in her hand, she dragged me down to the floor as she sat on her sari. I knelt in front of her, my cock stiff and upright against my belly. She stroked the massive length with a frim grip around the rock-hard thickness, pulling down my foreskin to reveal the pumping hot red tip. She bent her head and I felt the feathery tingle of her tongue tip against my balls. My hands massaged her firm breasts, roaming across their bulging expanse. I bent lower and pushed my cock against her lips; her mouth opened and I shoved my cock inside, gently leaning into her till I was halfway inside. My hands went down to her hips where I grapped the flesh of her buttocks again. My fingertips found the opening to her cunt and rubbed the sticky wetness as I slid a finger into her.
She was sucking my cock, pushing her face all the way to my stomach as the entire length of my manhood disappeared into her throat. I felt myself approaching a massive explosion and wanted to withdraw; but she held me by the hips and wanted me to cum in her mouth...So the first onrush of my semen exploded in her mouth, then bathed her face with cum that trickled down to her breasts.
She got off the floor and, on her haunches, turned around while she rubbed the cum on her face and breasts. I knelt behind her, watching the snaky spinal cord, draped in her lustrous raven hair, trace the centre of her back and disappear into the split between her buttocks. Her perfectly round ass posed an intoxicating vision as I leaned forward and placed my hands under her bum, caressing and stroking the taut smooth skin. Slipping my hands lower, I felt the wet dripping cunt as trickles of fluid streamed along the inside of her thighs. My cock was still hard as it rubbed against Kausha's long black tresses and her back. She turned her head as my penis rose towards her face and grazed her cheek. The hot lurid smell of sex was all pervasive; an aromatic cocktail of her sweat and fluids, my own semen and the evening air of the mountains. I wanted to taste it and wash my entire being in that smell.
With my hands on her shoulders, I gently pushed her back to the ground and knelt facing her. I took my penis in my hand and stroked it as I faced her, wanting every inhibition to disappear. She snaked her hand behind her hips and touched her vagina from behind with her fingers, parting those delicate lips to reveal the enticing entrance to her cunt. I lay flat in front of her and pushed my face between her thighs, breathing in the musky richness of her smells. My lips kissed her labia and her cunt, as I wiped my tongue across her opening. Then I pushed my tongue indside her and added my saliva to her nectar. With my mouth I pulled at  the fold of her vaginal lips, mashing them together in erotic gashes. I heard her breathe heavily as she seemed to get wetter. I pushed a finger through the slick wet opening and probed her insides, feeling the hardened clitoris rise in her.
I pushed her thighs off the ground and slipped my head under her ass as I lay on my back. She parted her thighs and sat straddling my head as I gripped her hips and drew her cunt down to my mouth. I drank the juices that now flowed almost freely from inside her cunt; my tongue lashing her lips and thrusting into her. My hands gripped her buttocks and my fingers drew back the liquid from her cunt up towards her asshole. I then probed her hole and pushed a finger inside, letting it slide in as I sucked her cunt. She ground her cunt against my mouth, swaying her hips, moving them in a circular motion as her vagina pressed against my face. She reached back and took my cock in her hand, stroking and pulling the ramrod stiff shaft. With two fingers deep inside her asshole, I reached up with the other hand and grabbed her boobs and mangled them in my fist, hurting her.
She moaned and breathed heavily as she tugged my cock; then raising herself from my face, she slid backwards leaving a wet trail down my chest and stomach. Raising herself again, her hand still firmly gripping my cock, she slipped it inside her soaking wet pussy. I felt the hot molten capture my shaft as though lava had poured out of a volcano and enveloped me. My cock went deep inside her as she rode the entire length, sliding down my pole till her wet pussy wet the hair at the base of my cock. Then she rose up the entire length, almost letting me out, and continued the motion till we were both in a frenzy. I heard her scream as I thrust myself hard against her, pushing my body off the ground and ramming my cock into her. It was like a dance of fire, burning hot flames leaping across the bodies. All my dreams of Kausha were here and now, in this boiling cauldron of wanton sex.
Kausha, my fuck goddess! She deftly turned around, almost swivelling around, using my cock as a pivot. And when I fucked her from behind, the view of her ass made my cock seem to get bigger and harder and thicker if that was at all possible. She continued fucking me in the same rythmic movement, occassional gyrating her hips in a circular motion. I pushed a couple of fingers into her asshole again as I rocked my body in and out of her cunt. On the floor, the orchard behind us, we fucked like warriors out to pillage and rape. I thrust so deep inside her, it felt I might tear her apart.But Kausha was equally demanding in wanting each stroke to pummel and pulverise her. She played with my balls as they swept from side to side with every thrust; she bent completely forward, revealing herself with no shame, knowing it was turning me on still further. She was shameless with me, but not like a whore; like the ultimate lover.
With all my strength, my cock still inside her, I stood up and lifted her body with mine and walked inside the glass fronted room. Laying her on a stretch sofa on her back, I kept ramming myself into her. Her screams were getting more frenzied and her body thrashed like a raging storm as she approached her first orgasm of the evening. It was going to be a huge one. The juices churning in her lubricated our motion as I thrust into her and she heaved her body up towards me. I felt my own orgasm approaching as I continued to pummel her, my hands grabbing her breasts. Parting her thighs still wider, she drew me close to her, kissed my face and my mouth, her nails tearing into my back leaving bloodied trails as she burst forward in a shearing climax. Her body thrust upward with an unimaginable strength and I felt my own eruption meet hers at that moment.... ©mnhb 2011
Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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