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Genelia Sex Story

We’ve known each other for a very long time, Genelia and I. She must have been a young teenager when I was about to finish school. I knew her sister’s friend very closely and that’s the connection in terms of how we met. There was a strange bond between us during those early days but there wasn’t any sexual feeling, or love or anything like that. But we had a very deep emotional bond nevertheless.

It was when she was in college and I had just got my first job that we met in Lyons; she’d come with some friends on a holiday (same sister’s friend connection). I knew she was coming because she’d sent me a mail giving details of her flight and so on. The ten days of waiting had got me very excited about the prospect of seeing this sweet beautiful friend of mine.

On the second night of her stay, it was a weekend, I took all the girls out to a local pub called the Koubalibre; it was salsa night. We got a little high, danced like crazy, and Gini and I spent almost every single minute together. Two of the girls wanted to go home but Genelia and I stayed on; had another couple of shots (she had wine) and then walked out for a stroll in the town. We held hands as we said bye to the bouncer (nice guy); when I put my arm around her shoulder, I felt her body cozy up against me as we walked.

I’m not sure how it happened but we ended up at my flat, and as soon as I shut the door behind me, before even switching on the lamps, Genelia was in my arms and we were kissing. Her mouth was over mine as I felt the soft wetness of her lips against my own, the tip of her tongue tracing the outline of my lips before gently probing inside. I held her beautiful face in my hands as I pushed my own tongue into the warmth of her mouth, feeling the ridges of her teeth and the sinewy coiling of her tongue. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned my shirt and she pushed it back over my shoulders and pulled it off with the sleeves down my arms.

I caught the hem of her top and pulled it off over her head, briefly unlocking our lips. I kissed the side of her neck and her shoulders while I unhooked her bra from the back, then peeled it off her body and let it drop to the floor along with my shirt and her blouse. I felt a small shiver run down the length of her body as we held each other, our skins touching for the first time. Her breasts were not very large but they were firm and the nipples hard. I bent my head and licked the aureoles on her breasts, then gently nibbled with my teeth on her nipples. She threw her head back and thrust out her breasts as my hands grasped them and my eager mouth left a wandering trail of lust and saliva across the smooth skin. Gini was the still the cutest girl I had ever met, her face so pure and innocent, her smile still the most dazzling.
Out of breath, we disentangled and I walked her into the house, switching on some low lighting.

Her body was as beautiful as her face. I wanted her to remove her jeans but she said she wanted to visit the washroom first. I went to my bar and poured out a stiff whisky for myself and a glass of red wine for Gini. Carrying the glasses, I walked to the bathroom and pushed the door open. She stood almost naked, except for her panties, and I stared at the woman I realised I had wanted for so many years. There was little embarrassment on her as I kept the glasses on the sink and walked up to her. I took Genelia in my arms and held her close to me, feeling my cock beginning to get hard inside my jeans. My breath was hot against her neck and ear as my hands wandered across the smooth skin of her back. I tracked her spine down till my hands clasped her buttocks over the panties, and slowly began to push them down. The crack of her bum was moist with a mild perspiration as I slid a finger along the crease.

As I drew one hand along the edge of the elastic towards her stomach, my fingertips brushed against the full thickness of her pubic hair. That gentle frizzle almost electrified my hand as an excitement rippled through my body, centring deep in my groin, the pleasure making itself apparent in the continuous thickening of my cock. I pushed her panties down past her thighs and let it slip down to her ankles. And then I felt her hand clasp the hardness that was bursting against the fabric of my jeans. I bent my head and found her mouth, kissing Gini deep, letting my tongue explore the furthest recess of her mouth. This was new for both of us, yet it seemed we had been lovers for ages; the passion mixed with the friendship to produce an electric sensation in our bodies and our minds. I felt her heart beating in her chest as she pressed herself against me and her fingers unbuckled my belt.

Naked and flush against one another, I ran my hands all over her. As I kissed her, my hands slowly crept from her shoulders down to the curve of her waist and then out along the gentle swell of her hips. My palms clasped her buttocks as I drew her hard against me, kissing her deep and strong. She took my pulsating cock, now large and hard, in her small hands and gasped as I pressed it against her. I felt her grip around my penis suddenly tighten and she let out a deep groan from her lips.

Gini then held me by the hand and walked us towards the bedroom. I walked in step, holding her from the back, my cock rampant and upright against her ass and my hands clasping her tits. We stumbled haphazardly into an untidy room with little more than my bed on to which she threw herself.
As she unashamedly invited me to her body, I stared like a man in a trance at her beauty once again. Her angelic face with the hint of a smile, her perfectly contoured body, her sweet breasts, and the thick bush of her pussy hair. As her thighs spread apart, the juicy lips of her cunt stood slightly swollen and brazen through the curly pubic mesh of hair. She was a dream I had been dreaming since she was 13.
I knelt before her and bent my head low till I could smell the sweet musk of her juices; pushed my face into the glorious bush of her cunt hair and let my tongue devour the sweetness as it probed deep into the insides. I licked all along the ridges of her outer labia, then pushed my tongue between the gentle folds to find her clitoris which I laved as it grew harder. Sweet sweet Genelia, I could have bathed in all her juices, such was my pleasure as gentle sounds from deep in her throat gave way to louder screams as her body shuddered to an orgiastic climax.
After wiping the tears from her eyes, I took and laid her on to a hard top chest of drawers in the veranda adjacent to the bedroom and stared once again at her glorious body. Slipping a finger into her dripping wet cunt, I found her clit and began finger massaging it. But this time she took my cock and brought her head up to its red swollen tip and began to lick while her fingers toyed with my testicles.
I could feel a churning deep down at the base of my long thick shaft. The physical and the emotional, the bonds that had tied us since she was 13 and I maybe 18. It was all coming together now -- how long we had waited, with neither of us knowing. I took Gini's hand and pulled her back to the bed. Then, very gently, I lay on top of her, my cock pressed between by stomach and her belly. She spread her thighs apart, looking longinly into my eyes as I caressed her face. We just felt the fullness of our bodies together in silence. Then I bent my head and took her nipples, one after the other, into my mouth as I raised my hips and felt her hold my penis, guiding the massive thickness between her thighs. I slid my hands under her bum and raised her up towards me as I gently eased my raging cock into her, spreading her lips wide as I sunk deeper.
The experience was intense as I pulverised her for the next 15 odd minutes, going in deep, then almost pulling out till the tip of my cock teased her labia. She thrashed around, bucked her body; her hands gripped the muscles on my back and her nails dug in deep as we fucked with a passion I had not experienced before. She had multiple orgasms long before I had to release my load because I couldn't hold back the eruption any longer. Huge spurts of cum poured into her body as I rammed that sweet beautiful body with all my strength. When I finally pulled out and the last few drops of semen sprayed on her pubic hair, and as the large volume of my semen inside her began to ease out of her cunt, I saw a faraway pensive and saddened expression in her eyes. As I clasped a silver platinum necklace round her neck -- the gift I had bought for her last week --  I couldn't take my eyes off this creature; nor could I stop from wondering when we would meet next, and whether it would be the same. Perhaps not. ©mnhb.

Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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