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Kiran Rathod hot sex story

Back in the year 2000, I spent six months as a guide up in the Himalayas taking anglers for fishing in the Mahakali river. She was a guest at the lodge, accompanied by some actress from Bombay whose name I don’t recall; they were cousins. I first saw her on the banks of the river wearing a red dress that seemed inappropriate in the environment. She looked very alone, even sad, as she dipped her dainty white feet into the freezing water. I stood a little distance away, watching her pensive eyes stare into the distance, and wasn’t sure if she was aware of my presence. And my eyes roamed over the thin gauze stretched across the fullness of her breasts. I could even see her dark nipples through the transluscence.
As though in a trance, she raised her hands to her breasts and gently rubbed her palms against them in a circular motion. I could almost feel the softness of her boobs as her hands massaged them. Then she raised her red top and exposed her round breasts to the elements. I felt a stirring deep in my loins as I took a few steps closer along the rocky bank of the river, wanting to see her more clearly. Her nipples were larger than most girls I had ever been with. She must have been about 20 years old, but the sadness in her eyes made her look older. Why she was exposing herself in such a way, I was unsure of but I suspected she knew I was there...

As I approached her, she sat down on a rock and kept gazing at the sparkling reflections of light that the water’s surface threw up. Her breasts now thrust out under the tight band of her top, and I saw her push down her panties to reveal a well trimmed but plentiful bush. My cock was now hard and I was lusting for her body already. I felt the hardness with one hand, and rubbed my crotch over the thick denim that I wore. I thought I saw her staring at my hand and I was tempted to unzip my jeans and expose myself to her as well. I had a craving desire to stuff my thick cock into her mouth right then and there. Her fingertips played with the trimmed bush that framed her cunt and my own breathing got heavier.
Then, as if she heard me approaching, she stood up from the rock and I got my first full view of her. Breasts full and large, nipples round and perfect, and her black thong which she now suddenly pulled back on. Her ass was perfect in its shape and form, smooth skin slightly fairer in complexion than the rest of her thighs and legs. But no, she didn’t turn and run. Instead, now fully aware of my presence, she sat down again and once more pulled down the front of her panties to reveal her pubic hair; this time directly for my pleasure it seemed. Looking at her buttocks, I wanted to grab them, spread her cheeks and shove my cock inside her asshole. These desires were so feverish, I almost stumbled on my way to her. The desire to rip off her panties and ram her was almost desperate.
I walked up closer to her, the bulge in my jeans very apparent. A hint of coquettishness played on her lips as she began to pull her panties down further along her thighs, showing me a hint of her cunt, a peek at her vaginal opening. She looked at my face, then down to the swell of my crotch, and I saw almost a slight challenge in her eyes, daring me to take this one step further. She didn’t seem to care whether I thought she was mad, or just forward, or whatever. Her fingers played with the trimmings of her pussy hair, occassionally a fingertip disappearing between her vaginal lips. A dark patch on her panties showed where her wetness had seeped out; I thought could smell the sexual ooze from her cunt. I knew the pre-cum from my cock would have seeped out too.
As she pushed her panties down along the smooth skin of her thighs with one hand, she reached out and placed her other hand on the stiffness of my cock. I felt the coolness of her hand through the material of my jeans as a sharp contrast to the heat of my own body. My cock began to swell and harden even more as she pulled down the zipper and snaked her fingers inside, groping for my penis and drawing it out. The gentle stroke of her palms along the ever lengthening stiffness sent an involuntary shiver down my spine. She pushed back the foreskin to reveal the redness of the tip of my penis; she let the length of it glide through the cushion of her palm as she stroked me gently. I placed a finger on her lips and she drew it into her mouth.
I moved closer to her body and took her breasts in my hands, gliding my palms all over the smooth silkiness of her tits. Her nipples were hard against my fingertips as I pulled delicately on them, running little circles around her aureoles. Pushing myself still closer to her, my body now almost touching her face and breasts, I let one hand glide down her belly, pause briefly at her navel, then move lower to her cunt where I felt the softness of her bush. She let my now rampant cock graze against her face as her own fingers went down to her pussy. Her tongue extended far out of her mouth as it reached the underside of my balls, the sensation was excruciatingly horny and I grabbed her head wanting to push myself into her mouth. But I resisted the urge and let her flow with her wantonness instead.

I felt her warm breath against my cock as I bent lower to rub my palm against the feathery softness that surrounded her cunt. My fingers ringed her labia, already moist from the juices that had started churning in her. Tentatively, I pushed a finger inside and heard her gasp as she expelled a short fiery breath against my shaft. I could feel her fingers unbuckling my belt and pulling down the top of my trousers as her tongue slithered along the thickness of my penis, down to my testicles. Pushing another two fingers passed the inner lips of her vulva and deep into her vagina. I twisted my fingers inside her, pushing them in and out in a rythmic motion, searching for the clitoris that was now jutting out between the folds of her cunt.
As the hot molten mucous enveloped my fingers, she threw her head backwards for a moment in ecstasy, then  brought herself back to my cock. The tip of her tongue sent electrical currents through me as she flicked my scrotum as one hand gripped the rock hard shaft. I bent my head down to her face and kissed her full on her lips. She leaned backwards a bit, lifted her feet up on the rock and spread her thighs apart. As I pushed my tongue into her mouth and grabbed her massive tits with my hand, my cock rubbed up against her body and the heat was burning. My cock was a solid shaft that pressed against her tits; she took hold of it in one hand and rubbed the heat against her nipples, a matching hardness as the two pebbles stood steady at the top of her gorgeous breasts.
She disengaged her mouth from mine and desperately grabbed hold of my penis and drew it into her mouth. As soon as I felt the moist warmth of her tongue and lips, I pulled her head hard against me and shoved my cock all the way back to her throat till she gagged. Tears glistened in her eyes as the red hot tip of my shaft touched the back of her mouth making it impossible for her to breath. If she wasn’t so willing, I would have raped this girl on the banks of the raging river.

Instead, I pulled myself out of her mouth and we got our clothes back on right, heading to the lodge. I didn’t see her for a few hours after that but once I was off duty, I went in search of the bitch’s room. I pushed open the door without knocking and saw she was waiting for me. She’d had a bath and was wearing little more than a bracelet and a necklace. The same odd feeling I’d had earlier came back to me: I disliked this woman; I wanted to hurt her and make her feel pain, and I wanted my hands, mouth, and cock to be the instruments of destruction.
The slut didn’t waste any time; she got up and walked to me, quickly unbuttoning the shirt I was wearing and throwing it carelessly on the couch. Then, kissing my nipples, she unbuckled my belt and pulled down the zipper of my jeans. My hands went around her waist and down to her ass but before I could grip her, she slid down my body and dragged my jeans and shorts to my ankles. As I stepped out of them, she took my cock in her hands and stroked it till it stood upright and stiff against her palms.

Pushing me down on her bed, she knelt between my thighs as I lay back. She fondled my balls and kept stroking my shaft, her tongue occasionally wetting the length and tip. I was scalding hot and the anger built up in my blood. My fingers were entangled in her hair as I gripped her head and pulled it down, forcing her to open her mouth as my cocked forced its way past her lips, grazing hard against her teeth as it drove into her mouth. She sucked hard and deep, using her tongue and lips like a fucking pro. With the fingers of hand hand, she encircled the base of my penis in a vice like hold as her head moved up and down the length. With every downward movement, her nose touched the hair on my groin as the tip of my cock rubbed against the back of her throat.
One hand still on her head, I pushed the other one down and grabbed hold of one of her boobs. Finding the thick and hardened nipple jutting out, I rolled and pinched it between my thumb and fingers till she let out a soft cry of pain. With one last thrust of my hips that sent my penis deep into her mouth, I pulled her up towards me till my cock was ensconced between the heavy fullness of her breasts. She gripped it and rubbed the fiery tip in her cleavage and on the sensitive nipples centred on her fleshy mounds. I pulled her down with a grip on her neck so her face was next to mine. As her breasts pressed against my shaft, I whispered into her ear that I was going to shove it into her asshole while my fist would rip her cunt apart.
Her breathing was in short desperate heaves as my hands found her face and my lips danced around her earlobes, the hot air of my own breathing setting her on fire. I snuck a hand down to her cunt and felt her wetness almost like a raging molten torrent. She gasped as I touched her protruding clitoris, and cried when I flicked it gently. She sat up then and took my cock in her hand, stroking with a firm grip around the massive steel like hardness. She was panting with desire and I knew she wanted me inside her. I slid my hand behind her, running two fingers down the crack between her buttock, then slipped them into her wet and slithery cunt from behind. I finger-fucked her while she stroked my cock, the pace increasing with every stroke.
I then gripped her waist as I pulled her forward. She rose up and straddled my middle, taking my stiffness in her hand and manoeuvring it towards her cunt. My hands slid around her buttocks and I clamped hard, digging my fingers into the soft fleshiness of her ass as I thrust my hips upward and shoved my cock into her vagina. Her boobs swung heavily over my face as her body rocked with every thrust that jammed my cock all the way up her, then withdrawing till the tip of my cock teased her clit; back and forth till she screamed in wanton desire. The warm wetness of her cunt enveloped my cock completely; I felt as though I was bathed in milk and honey, her juices dribbling down the length of my penis till I could feel the dew on my hair and stomach. Her vaginal grip on my cock was hard as her muscles contracted around my girth.
She wanted more but I pushed her off instead; turned her around so that her ass was towards me and she faced away. She twisted around, then once again lowered her dripping wet pussy over the ramrod thickness of my cock; She looked down and cupped my balls in her palm. Her ass was towards me and I took those rounded spheres in my hands and mauled them till they were a fiery red. I parted the cheeks till I saw her asshole; from between her legs, I drew the lubricating fluid of her cunt juices and used it to ease my finger into her ass hole. As I felt her take me into her and fill her cunt hole, I kept pushing my fingers deep inside her ass, knowing that I must get her to take my cock in that hole too. If need be, by force.
I shoved deeper inside her anus, pushed two, then three fingers into her, wanting to stretch her till she hurt and yelled with the pain. At the same time, my engorged penis was pummelling her surprisingly tight cunt. I wanted to rip her open from all her orifices. A waist chain she wore tore apart and in the din I could hear the scattering of beads on the floor. Her body flayed, her hair swept from side to side in a rusty haze, and my blood scorched as I fucked the bitch. I pulled out of her cunt, lifted her hips up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her asshole. The dark pink-red cone of my prick positioned at the entrance to her ass, I begin easing myself inside, spreading the small tight hole.
But she made a desperate plea to spare her that assfuck, so I threw her off me on to my side and turning around, I found her cunt from behind. She was drenched in her own sticky cum fluid as I pushed her thighs forward and guided my own cock into her. I gripped her hips firmly and rammed myself into her cunt. With the other hand I held her right breasts and mashed it, once again finding her nipple and tortured the defiant hardness. The suction of her tight cunt stirred my insides to a point I was finding difficult to contain for much longer.
I got up, roughly turned her on her back as I towered over her body, on my knees and between her thighs. My cock stood out long and hard at an angle from my body and I saw the fear in her eyes as she looked on to how big I was. She was seeing my raging anger all centred on my cock possibly for the first time with clarity, as I took her legs and spread them out wide in front of me. Then lowering myself I let the hardness slap her belly as it slid down between the insides of her thighs. The tip of my shaft lingered at her opening, as she looked up into my eyes.
As I entered her, I saw some of her fear and sadness give way to a blissful demeanour, almost as though she was sacrificing herself at the altar of ecstasy. Her eyes didn’t leave mine as I slid the entire length of my shaft into her. Nine inches inside and my testicles grazed the sensitive skin between her cunt and her ass. Then as I began to pull myself out, equally slowly, she threw her head backwards on the pillow and gently shut her eyes, giving herself up completely to the pleasure of the moment.
I grab her hips and with my hands on her ass pull her towards me. With a rhythmic in and out motion that picks up speed, I thrust and parry into her cunt. Her tight vagina seems to get even tighter as I feel her muscles clamp hard on my cock. Her body begins to flay around and her hands grip the sheets of her bed, almost ripping them up. Her hips buck, mashing her cunt hard against my own pubic bone as my cock swells deep inside her. With my hands under her, grabbing her buttocks into a vice like grip, I thrust even harder as she lets out a piercing scream and her body stiffens briefly before she climaxes. Our juices mingle into one as her orgasm triggers that massive molten explosion from deep within me. We crash into each other as I keep spurting huge amounts of hot semen into her, taking her into another wave of climactic release.

The lights go out for both of us. Minutes, maybe hours, later when I regain consciousness, I’m flat on my back and her head is on the pillow next to mine, looking ragged and sweaty. Her massive breasts thrust upwards in rounded glory, the large thick nipples still challenging. My cock is still large but flaccid on my stomach but I feel it stir as the bitch moves slightly against my skin.©mnhb 2011
Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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