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Shweta sex story

I've been obsessed with her for some years now. I still have dreams of the night we spent together. A dark wet windy night it was. I had been living in the outskirts of Kusel, Germany in a fairly large house (16 rooms, I think) with huge grounds surrounding it full of trees and subdued garden lighting. The only other light came from my bedroom, throwing ghostly shadows across the wetness outside.

Unexpectedly, I saw car headlights approaching up the lonely country road so I went down the stairs and stood in the portico as the vehicle stopped. She was completely drenched the second she stepped out of the car and walked up along the cobbled path that led to the front door. I gawked at the sheer beauty of the woman that stood before me. Animated flashes of erotic thoughts and visions split my brain like lightening in the darkness. I saw her naked and enchanting in my mind's eye, and I felt a sudden longing for her. Her spirit, her soul, her body -- I was desperate.

I could almost feel her skin against mine, as though a sixth and seventh sense was interpreting a fourth dimension -- I stood mesmerised while my loins stirred. There was a raging fire burning inside me. As though we were communicating beyond the human plane, she spoke no words but stared back at me. Then she raised a hand gently to my face and stroked the outlines of my jaw and chin. In a voice that sounded like honey dripping, she said "I'm Shweta and I'm lost". I took her hand in mine and drew her into the house. "No more", I said. switching off the gate and garden lights, I took Shweta up the spiral staircase to the first floor and into my bedroom -- it was the only room I was using. I got a towel and rubbed her hair to get the water out before she caught a cold. Then I got an old nightdress that had been hanging in the closet when I first moved in and gave it to her, pointing out the bathroom for her to go in and change out of the wet clothes.

I held on to the vision of her undressing inside, imagining her body in its glorious nudity. The soft curves of her waist and hips, the fullness of her comfortable breasts, the smoothness of her buttocks and the inviting depth of the crack between them. I imagined Shweta stripping and standing before the large mirror in the bathroom, examining her own body. My fingers were on her hands as she plucked off the clothes and ran across the silkiness of her body. I saw the curvature of her spine as it sinuously blended into the crack of her arse; I felt her nipples grow taut as she fingered them, arousing herself. I could almost smell the wetness of her cunt as she wiped it dry, all the time deservedly admiring her body in the mirror.

I fantasised and I felt. There was an urgency in me that I didn't recognise. I had slept with women, of course, but this one was like a living dream as I pictured and experienced my body on hers. In her. Around her. All over her. She was like a goddess from a mythical enchantment.  across.There was an innocence that I wanted to devour. I felt her shyness evaporate as I pictured my own nakedness stand brazenly in front of her. I wanted her to want me as much as I desired her. I wanted her to give me her body and satisfy my hunger. I wanted her to take my cock into her; in her ass, in her cunt, in her mouth. I wanted to shoot my cum into her. I wanted to blast hot molten liquid on to her face. I wanted her to be impressed, enamoured, and desperate for me.
She came out of the bathroom, draped in the white nightwear, a cotton gown that fitted her well. She hadn't washed off the small vermilion streak on her forehead and I loved her for that. It added to the ethnic enchantress that I visualised. She climbed on to the brass bed that I used, pushed up against a wall, and sat quietly in the corner, looking very contemplative. I was hoping, praying that she wasn't feeling uncomfortable, or that she was thinking of leaving. Again, as though communication had a new medium, she looked up at me and offered up a simple angelic smile that I wished I could capture and embrace for ever. I stood and I stared. I couldn't get over the fact that the last 20 minutes had seemingly changed my life for ever. She raised her face and looked at me with what I imagined was love. Impossible, I suppose. But to this day, I have not stopped loving her. She is no more a part of my life, but her spirit still infuses me.

Anyway, I was so so horny at this stage, I decided to go and take a cold shower. It didn't work since the sheer eroticism of what was happening was just too overpowering. My cock was hard and rampant, and I was absolutely sure that Shweta had got up from the bed and was looking in at me from the bathroom door. I didn't want to embarrass her so I didn't let on, but the fever was high in my body. I soaped myself and took my penis hard in my hands, alternately stroking it or washing the length of the stiffness.

But every stroke was like masturbating to madness, and I had an insane desire to shoot my cum all over the shower area. I held my cock, knowing almost certainly that Shweta was looking at me. Did she want to come in under the shower with me? Would she let me kiss har boobs and stomach and allow me to push my face between her smooth creamy thighs? Would she fuck me tonight? Oh!!! my thoughts were killing me.

I dried myself after the shower, pulled on a t-shirt and walked out with nothing else on. I still felt the need to challenge her; fearing at every heartbeat that the aggression may drive her away. But as I said, she was miles ahead of me. She was back on the bed and stared at me walking out of the bathroom, almost naked. As I walked towards her with my penis now halfway between rock solid and limp, albeit still long and thick, she raised the hem of her gown and I saw the hint of her pubic hair, neatly trimmed into a triangular patch of soft curly down. She looked at me in that same unfathomable way, the way I thought meant love, but maybe there was just a little bit of trepidation in it. Her breasts filled out the gown and I could see the fullness of her tits and the soft curve of her waist before the swell of her hips. And below, the tempting V of her pubic area that I wanted so much to kiss.

I walked up to her and placed my hands on her shoulders, my penis beginning to rise again. I was in a hurry when I pushed the straps of her gown off her shoulders. Her breasts, swollen and bountiful, hung strongly as I caught a glimpse of her nipples. Set perfectly centred in the aureoles, they jutted out wanting to be caressed. Or so I thought. Suddenly, she reached overhead and dropped the mesh mosquito net over her almost in a protective gesture. The net was useless, we didn't have mosquitoes. So I unhooked the ring from which it hung and threw it aside on the floor. For a fleeting moment, I thought I saw fear in her eyes and I could have killed myself for having acted out such an aggression. My heart ached when I saw her eyes. I reached out with my hands and took her face gently in them, stroking her cheeks. Then I pulled the shoulder straps of her gown up and covered her breasts again.

I didn't want to force her into anything, but I couldn't help myself from continuing the aggressive come-on. I gripped my cock and thrust it out towards her; willing her to hold it of her own volition. But she remained demure. No more the fear in her eyes. As a shoulder strap dropped off her shoulder, she made no move to slip it back on. Instead, she stared down at the bed, occasionally glancing at my hard penis.

With my cock in my hand, I willed her to look up at me. When she did, Shweta had the most beautiful expression on her face; almost as though we were lovers who didn't need the spoken word to communicate. And so I stared back at the awesome beauty that I had been gifted. I looked at the red streak on her forehead, her doe-like eyes, her perfect lips that I wanted so much to feel. To feel those lips on my own, on my chest and nipples, on my cock and on my testicles. I saw the perfection that was this apparition, this dream, this magic countenance. She let the shoulder strap slip a few inches more without interfering, and one of her breasts hung there in its perfection, extending the absolute beauty before my eyes. Every effort to hold back failed, so I reached one hand out and took her breast in my palm. An offering. A grace. The strangely soft firmness filled my palm with its warmth.

I leaned forward and pressed my face against her breast, feeling the taut nipple graze against the stubble of my cheek. I raised my hand to her other breasts and the warmth of its fresh exposure sent a ripple of new found desire coursing through my body. I could feel the strength of my penis rock hard, touching some part of the fabric she wore. I pushed my face deep into her cleavage, feeling a womb-like suffusion envelop me as she lowered her head and rested her chin on top of mine, her fingers running somnambulently through my curls. I pushed my tongue out through my lips and wet the cleavage, running a trail of hot saliva between her tits. Then, more brazenly, I moved my mouth to her nipples and sucked the tautness between my lips as my tongue lashed at it. With one hand, I used my fingers to rub around the edges of her other nipple, feeling the slight coarseness of her aureole as the skin puckered up.

The emotional intensity of this initial expression of desire left me almost exhausted. I wanted her to touch me, to run her delicate fingers along the shaft of my swollen cock. I wanted her fingers to play with the curls of my pubic hair, and the ridged surface of my testicles. I wanted her hands to dance below my balls in that ultra sensitive region underneath.

I lay on the bed next to her, first facing her, then moving closer so my stomach pressed against her lower back. I kept thrusting my cock against her gown or her thighs or her hips, demanding her attention. Like an animal in the wild, dancing to a mating tune, I showed off my penis, ramrod straight thick and hard with pride. And while I felt the tension in her sinews and in the electrically charged atmosphere, she made no move to take me in her hands or anywhere else.

But I knew she wanted to, the desire that was there from the start was beginning to simmer, and would boilr thighs or her hips, demanding her attention. Like an animal in the wild, dancing to a mating tune, I showed off my penis, ramrod straight thick and hard with pride. And while I felt the tension in her sinews and in the electrically charged atmosphere, she made no move to take me in her hands or anywhere else. But I knew she wanted to, the desire that was there from the start was beginning to simmer, and would boil over soon. She was ready. Like a lion that waits for his mate to accept him, I waited for the lioness.... And then slowly, very slowly, Shweta moved her hand between my thighs.

She touched my balls tentatively; then as though gathering courage, I felt her fingers encircle the base of my cock. She stroked delicately, feeling the entire length, feeling the energy coursing through the spear, wondering perhaps if it could do her harm or give her pleasure. She kept stroking, a little more urgently now as I lay back and absorbed the intense sensations. Her nightgown had dropped off her shoulders and was bunched around her waist.

I raised my arms and placed my hands on her ass, feeling the beautiful bountiful smooth roundness of her buttocks as I stroked their fleshy firmness. I even ventured my fingers between her inner thighs and felt the pulsating heat of her cunt before she moved away a bit. She looked at me in an imperious manner that I knew was make believe so I smiled at her and reached for her vagina from in front. A fleeting expression of embarrassment ran across her eyes.
But then a smile broke on her face; a little shy, a little temptress, a lot of love. There was a chemistry that I found binding. It was at that moment that I knew I was in love with her. The demons had entered my head and would battle with my soul for ever, I thought. I reached up for her breasts again and clasped my hands around them, massaging gently in circular motion, feeling the sharp nipples press against my palm. raising myself, I placed a hand around the back of her neck and drew her down to my face. Our lips met, locked and fused immediately. Holding her head in both my hands now, I probed her mouth with my tongue, feeling the sensuous wetness of her saliva, the sharp edges of her teeth, the smooth flow of her tongue that explored every corner of my mouth. The ultimate kiss. Shweta felt like she had belonged to me, in my heart, in my body, my bones, my blood, for ever. I lost myself in her embrace.

Once again, emotionally drained, I lay back as she freed herself from our lip-lock, pushing me back with her hands on my chest. Once again, I lost some of the hardness but none of the length, of my penis as it lay flat against my belly. Shweta raised herself away from me, combing back her raven black hair with a gentle brush of her fingers. I stared mesmerised as her nightgown now bunched up at her hips. I placed a hand on her thighs, feeling the taut smoothness of its glide to the trimmed hairy patch of her pubic area. Once again I pushed a finger between the moist lips and realised, for the first time, how wet Shweta was in her cunt.

I took my cock in my hands as I felt it harden, and I stroked it and held it upright, challenging her once more, daring her almost. The fact was that I was ready to rape her if she didn't give herself willingly. That was my desperate state of frustration. I reached behind her with one hand and grabbed her buttocks, this time not so gently. I pushed the palm of my hand under under and raised three fingers upwards to feel her cunt from underneath. I rubbed her clitoris hard, drawing the molten fluids out of her. My fore finger, I pushed into her anus, deep, almost wanting to hurt her. She gasped with a short deep heave of her breath. It wasn't out of pain.

Suddenly, Shweta rose up on the bed and with a deft move of her arms, pulled off the nightgown. But she held it close to her body, covering her ample tits and her cunt and the mossy growth of hair that surrounded her vagina. I lay back for a while, enjoying the delectable view of her ass, now tight and perfectly rounded as she knelt upright on the bed. I stretched out an arm and rested my palm on her buttocks, gently caressing the perfection. I used two fingers to run between her crack and felt the warm moist heat emanate from her cunt. Sitting up, I wrapped my arms around her waist and placed my face against  the curve of her back. I kissed the shallow dimple just at the point her buttocks spread, and then let my tongue linger in the warmth of her ass. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and pushed them in deep, twisting inside as the juices fuelled my own fires.

Then I myself rose up on my knees and edged up against her body. As though in submission at this move of mine, Shweta went down on her haunches again so that the pointed spear of my cock would have been against her tits. But she had drawn the bed cover up in protection so the heat of my penis merely seared her forearm as the solidness pressed against her. She stared at my penis, a mixture of desire and fear in her eyes. But far more desire than anything else. I reached out with one hand and ran my fingers through her hair, then gripped her neck and rubbed the back, gently coaxing her forward. She allowed her face to be pulled forward and I felt her hot breath on my cock and my stomach. I pushed myself forward till her lips touched my balls and waited for her to make a move. She let the bed cover drop and revealed her large breasts, just I felt the tip of her tongue wet the ridges of my scrotum.

I stood up on the bed as she raised herself to her knees again; my penis engorged and still in front of her face. She opened her mouth and slowly rubbed her lips against the fiery red hot tip, and my cock jerked involuntarily. Her tits hung heavily as I stroked her cheeks; then she opened her mouth wider and drew me all the way inside. My balls lightly touched her chin as I tried to push myself deeper. With one hand I grabbed her breasts, trying to mangle them into one orb, feeling the hard nipples with my fingertips. She ran her mouth up and down the length of my shaft, the fingers of one hand playing with my testicles. I saw the warm fuzziness of her pussy hair and wanted so much to bury my face into it. But right now the sheer pleasure of having Shweta's mouth engulf the enormity of my shaft was an unparalleled sensation that I couldn't give up.

I had to hold myself back with all my will from cumming in her mouth and all over her face. I stepped back and pushed her away. She sat down on the bed, then leaned back against the wall and reclined with her legs stretched out. Fully and absolutely naked, she stared into an inner space that revealed nothing. But I felt the vibes from her body; she was burning up inside. She wanted more of my cock, not just in her mouth but in her cunt now. She wanted the strength of my manhood to spear her.

Shweta then reached out and wrapped the fingers of her hand around my cock. In a rhythmic motion she stroked it to a steely hardness and held it upright. Then slowly, sinuously, she raised herself over my penis as I held it upright; and gradually lowered herself on to me. Her cunt was tight, very very tight. But it was also very very wet and as my cock glided into her, I thought of how perfect we fit into and around one another. Her breasts hung pendulously over my face as we began a slow motion movement that would eventually spiral into an animal-like crescendo as the night wore on. There was a desperate hunger in the way Shweta and I fucked that night before we finally settled down to the real passion and ecstasy of making love. Her body was perfect; the way I had always imagined perfection in a woman's body. And her face was the ultimate exotic ethnic beauty that I must have craved from a previous lifetime.

We fucked and made love many times that night. After the first time, when I exploded a volcanic amount of hot cum into her, she wanted to take me in her mouth. I came again inside her and she swallowed all of it. Much later in the night, I shoved my huge penis into her asshole, ripping apart an orifice that had never been intruded into before. And then, when we made love, I brought her to a screaming orgasm by kissing and licking and tongue-flicking her cunt and her clitoris. ©mnhb 2012

Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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