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Regina Cassandra hot sex story

I’m still not sure how old she was at that time; I think she had finished school and had started some other studies in a nearby town. But she was essentially still a village girl, her body not fully matured but an attitude that was very carefree. Those were the days when I was biking across rural south India taking photographs for my book that was published a year later. Some small village I had stopped in for the night; walking around the back of the village near the coffee plantation, trying to get some shots in the fading light of sunset. In the distance was a small house centered in an overgrown compound and a figure standing against the backdrop. I took a few shots of the cottage and then drove my bike towards it. I parked in front and then walked along the boundary wall towards the rear and around the corner.
She was there at the back of the small house, tying up her hair, standing in the courtyard just as I'd surmised. She had on a one piece dress, looking like a schoolgirl, innocent as the rain. Her armpits had never been shaved and I could see the untrimmed moss as she raised her arms to do up her hair. I raised my camera and aimed it at this innocent captivating beauty and shot off a few quick clicks. I think she heard the sounds of my digital and stared at me. And smiled. She seemed quite happy to pose for me. I walked up to her, told her my name, and reached out a hand. “Regina”, she said, and took my outstretched hand in both of hers. Small delicate fingers wrapped around my wrist. I didn’t know the language and said so when she spoke to me. She knew a smattering of English and we laughed at her accent. After that, we didn’t speak at all.
I raised my hands to her face and traced the contours of her cheekbones and chin with my fingers. She shut her eyes and sighed deeply as I leaned forward to kiss her lips. As I tentatively let my tongue probe her mouth, she opened hers and thrust her tongue against mine, rolling it across the edges of my teeth, sucking the breath out of me almost. My hands felt her neck and her back as I drew down the top of her dress. I pressed my body against hers and my erection, now stiff and growing inside my pants, felt the pressure against her pelvis. I suddenly felt her hand rubbing my cock against my jeans, gripping the bulge in her fist as I pushed harder against her. As I drew away from her, she lowered her dress to reveal the most delicious pair of tits, dark nipples centred on the budding mounds. Her boobs were still small, young and fresh like her body; raw and inviting like the hair in her pits.
I ran the palms of my hands across her breasts, feeling the young tautness of her nipples. I helped her push the dress further down and felt the smoothness of her stomach, her hips, and her lower abdomen. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned my shirt as she undressed my torso. I pressed my naked chest against her body as my arms wrapped around her and I traced the delicate curve of her spine, down from the sensitive nape of her neck to the top of her buttocks. There was a fine sheen of sweat where the crack in her ass started and I slid a finger down the crevice. Then with both hands I gripped her bottom and pulled her hard against me. My cock was hard and I felt her fingers pull down my zipper and her hand pushed inside my jeans to grip the thickness as she drew me out. My denims dropped around my ankles, my penis rock hard and upright against her youthful body, her fingers playing with my testicles.
I felt I would spurt my cum all over her stomach if she didn’t stop now. I pulled away from her slightly and pushed her dress a little lower to reveal the top of her very thick bush. I bent my head to suck on one of her nipples as my fingertips ran through the curls of her pubic hair. I lowered my body to kneel in front of her, the tip of my tongue leaving a thin trace from her tits to her navel. I pulled her dress still lower and shoved my face into the thickness of her cunt hair, my tongue thrusting out as it found the entrance to her secret cave. I licked the outer lips of her vagina, then searched for her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. My hands gripped her ass as I pushed my fingers between her legs and probed her asshole. Turning Regina around, I parted the cheeks of her buttocks and kissed the underside. I was desperate now to thrust my cock into her, wondering also whether she was a virgin.

As though reading my mind, she pushed my head away and made me stand up. My cock was sandwiched upright between our bodies as she caressed my face and let her hands run across my chest. She put her arms around me and gripped my buttocks, her nails digging into my flesh as my penis sought a release from this desperation. Perhaps she was a virgin and didn’t want to fuck, but she was not just a tease. I think she wanted it as much as I did but there was a certain morality that came in our way. To release some tension, I picked up my camera and took some more pictures, this time with Regina completely in the nude. She pushed her dress down past her thighs, fully revealing the thickness of her hairy growth. Then, standing perfectly unconcerned and almost brazen at the edge of her overgrown courtyard, she stared at me.
I was naked too, having kicked off my boots and stepped out of my jeans. My cock was still thick and enormous, though not as rigid as it had been a moment ago. She smiled at me and ran her fingers through the tangled mass of pubic hair. I was surprised at its fullness and glory, revealed so unabashedly for my viewing pleasure. I lost my control as I felt my cock rise again in earnest. Holding my penis in my hand, I walked up once more to her and kissed her nipples. I laved her stomach and bent to smell her crotch again. I turned Regina around while I still knelt down till her beautiful ass was against my face. I parted her buttocks and licked between them, rubbing her cunt with my fingers. The tip of my tongue probed around the entrance to her anus as I pushed two fingers into her wet vagina, once again wondering if she was a virgin.

I stood up and my body pressed against her back, my cock hard against her soft ass. While I rose, my penis snagged between her thighs and rammed against her cunt as she spread her legs apart. I did not penetrate but as my shaft touched her labia, she let out a deep sigh and threw her head back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, caressing her small tits and perky nipples. She turned around to face me and looked up into my eyes. There was a joyous mystery in her look, as though she was discovering the wonders and pleasures of the flesh for the first time. I pushed her dress further down past her thighs because she had pulled it up again sometime. She didn't resist as it rolled past her thighs, revealing her thick cunt hair again. I placed one hand on the bush, parting the hair to find her cunt hole with one finger and probed through the sticky warm wetness of her juices.
I wanted so much to make love to this beautiful girl. I thought for a fleeting moment that I could rape her if she didn't voluntarily want to have sex. But that was a stupid thought that I banished immediately. I began to think that maybe I would have to wait a few years -- if at all -- before she would concede to fuck with me. So I used the same cooling down trick on my body -- I backed off, picked up my camera and started to take pictures of this waif. I walked backwards into the courtyard that was overgrown with weeds and mosses, naked and bare. As I raised the camera, she stood against the dilapidated door to the house, legs spread apart like a girl scout at ease, hands on hips, staring straight into the lens. The thick triangle of black hair redolent against her golden skin. I zoomed in for a few close ups and then walked back to her.

I held her face in my hands and kissed her mouth hard. My tongue forced its way into her mouth, lashing at her tongue and probing the inner depths. My hands roamed all over her body; her shoulders and back, the slight swell of her hips and the succulence of her firm buttocks. Bringing my hands forward, I held my cock and rubbed it through the hairy mesh of her pubic hair, pushing the tip against her wet and dripping cunt. She breathed moist and hot air against my chest as her hands grabbed my raging penis and rubbed it all over her bush and stomach and then lowered it just to the entrance of her vagina. As I felt the hot wetness of her cunt juices sizzle against my shaft, I lowered my head and took her nipples, one by one, into my mouth. They were still hard and erect as I sucked an entire breast into my mouth. With my hands on her ass, I pushed a finger into her asshole and probed.
Her body jerked forward rather vehemently as I slid a finger into her anus and I heard her sigh while I held and twisted it inside her. Then Regina sat down on the single step in front of me as I stood up, my cock now upright and stiff. She wrapped a fist around it and pushed back the skin; the fiery red hot tip ready to burn her. She opened her mouth and slowly enveloped the head of my shaft, pushing her mouth down along the entire length. As I looked down, her nose was against my own pubic hair, the full length of my penis inside this girl’s mouth. I felt the stirrings of my ejaculation begin to stir deep inside me as her mouth moved up and down the length of my cock. I held her head in both my hands as I fucked young Regina’s face, shoving myself all the way in till she gagged. I kept pounding her face, moving in a steady and hard hitting rhythm like a ten-inch pile driver.

She didn’t let up. Gripping my buttocks with strong fingers, she pulled me into her and encouraged the pulverising I was giving her. Her lips were open wide to accommodate the massive thickness of my penis filling up her mouth. Her nostrils were flared as she breathed through them. Her hands kept my body flush against her face every time I shoved myself into her. She knew I was going to cum soon and she wanted me to do it inside her mouth. And so I fucked her face. Shoving myself deep inside, then drawing my cock almost all the way out, and then ramming it into her mouth again. And the stirrings were now surfacing; I felt the orgasmic delight of a volcanic burst beginning its slow rise as I tried to hold it back. But Regina kept up the motion rhythmically and I gave myself up to it. With every stroke, I came closer and closer to the eruption till finally, with a massive thrust forward of my pelvis, I ejaculated a huge amount of semen into her mouth. The next stroke seemed to draw even more of the white hot liquid from me. Her mouth was filling up when I drew myself out and spurted the next few bursts on to her face and breasts. She swallowed the cum that was in her mouth and smiled angelically at me. As though she was in love! ©mnhb.

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