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Sona sex story

She asked me to meet her at the small art gallery on the bank of the river Rhone in Avignon. I was doing some photography for a local French fashion & art magazine and my friend from Lyon told me that Sona wanted some pictures taken of herself. I was told she was an actress and happily obliged. When I entered the gallery at 9:30 in the evening, she was the only visitor there. She had on a printed green and black shirt and a very short skirt. She turned around when she heard padded footsteps on the carpet and smiled at me. Striking a pose between two framed pictures on the wall, she had a friendly face -- round and a little chubby like the rest of her body which was very full and a little plump. For a fleeting moment, I pictured what she must look like without her clothes on -- big tits, ample hips and buttocks, creamy smooth thighs? But I had work to do, so I drove those thoughts away and walked into the gallery.

I introduced myself, spent a minute or two in small chit-chat, then set up my lights, reflectors and tripod since she wanted the pictures within the gallery premises itself. I shot off a couple of test shots, made her stand in a few different poses just to get her comfortable. Taking pics from different perspectives, I bent down to get a high angle shot and noticed that the woman was probably wearing a thong that didn’t cover much of her buttocks. She looked down at me as I stared at her round ass and the fleshy but smooth thighs. They looked strong; she would be able to grip her lovers firmly when she was being fucked by them, or hold their heads tightly between the cushioned thighs when her cunt was being licked. I wondered if she had lesbian lovers as well or was she purely into men. Just a passing thought. I continued to click off shots from my camera as we settled down.

As I knelt on the carpet looking at her, Sona removed the short short skirt and flung it off to one corner. I realised that other than the test shots that I had, there would be none with all her clothes on! Then, her back to the wall, she slowly slid down and sat on the floor, spreading her legs wide apart. Her lacy green panties seemed to dig into her flesh, revealing the peripheral region of what I suspected was a very hairy and wild bush. She undid a couple of buttons on her shirt and I saw the top of her white brassiere. Cocking her head at an angle, she smiled while my camera fed on this voluptuous woman from India, although I was later told that she may have some French blood in her. Lush tendrils of pubic hair peeked out from under the edges of her panties, spreading as a light shadow towards the insides of her thighs. Through the filigree green lace I could see the dark shadows of the thick undergrowth, like a wild amazonian rain forest.

I got up to fiddle with the lights and headed towards the woman to make some adjustments to her posture. Before I could reach her, she had deftly kicked off her panties and taken off the shirt. As I stared down at her in amazement, she reached up a hand and clasped at my crotch, tightly holding my cock and balls through my jeans and massaging them slightly. I couldn’t believe what was happening. And even though she wasn’t my type of woman, I could feel myself growing hard. Pushing up her brassiere, she grabbed her humungous boobs in her hands and mashed them, pinching her nipples between her forefingers and thumbs of both hands. She pushed those huge tits together, rubbed them against each other, and kept smiling provocatively at me. I didn't know whether all this was for the camera, and the pictures she wanted for herself, or whether it was an unabashed attempt at seducing me. But I was certainly getting horny looking at her vulgar display of sexuality.

She unsnapped her bra and took that off as well, leaving her completely naked. I kept hoping nobody would walk through the door of the gallery, even though it was now fairly late. Sona leant forward and planted her wide open mouth on my groin, her hot breath penetrating the denim to warm my ever hardening erection. I was beginning to feel constrained in my jeans but didn’t want to go any further here in the arcade. She pushed back and leant against the wall again, drawing up her thighs and spreading them to reveal just how bushy she was.
I went back to my camera and focussed on her. If these were the photographs she wanted, who was I to object. As I zoomed in on her, she pushed her arms under her thighs and her fingers drew apart the lips of her cunt, showing me and the camera the deep soft recesses of her vagina. I stared at the display window of my digital as she rubbed her clit and her cunt, drawing out juices from inside her. She was clearly wet and despite myself, I was almost solid inside my pants. I zoomed in in her cunt like I'd seen in some porn magazines and took close-ups of her cunt surrounded by the thick bushy forest. The I walked up to her and got her to slide down a little on the carpet and raise her ass so I could capture shots of her asshole as well. While helping her adjust her body, my fingers grazed the wetness of her labia and I couldn;t resist slip one finger into her anus. She made a strange breathing sound and gripped my hand, trying to force my finger deeper into her hole. I quickly stepped back and went to my camera.
The bitch was comfortable in front of the camera, no shyness at all; I wondered what sort of movies she acted in. Perhaps she was an Indian pornstar. Coquettishly, she rolled her thick and heavy thighs over and rested on one side, looking back at me over her plump shoulder. Between her heavy thighs, I could get a peep at her fleshy and hairy cunt, shaped perfectly into an inviting oval. Suddenly, I wanted to rip my cock out of my jeans and ram it into her from the back. To feel my stomach against the roundness of her huge ass as I pummeled her from the rear, wanting to feel the massive hardness of my penis ram into her hole. Was it going to be tight and small, or would her cunt be loose and fleshy after all her lovers had been fucking her over the years. I wondered, like so many other lewd thoughts of her that kept coming to my mind. But I resisted the urge and kept clicking.

Still on her side, she rested her head on the floor and raised her left leg into the air, showing me the full lushness of her pubic hair, once again stretching her labial lips as though desperate to have something shoved into her cunt. I walked up to her, pushed four fingers into her hole and roughly twisted them inside. She was dripping with wetness as I shoved my whole fist inside. Once again, she reached out and tried to unzip my jeans. With one hand, I stopped her from unzipping me while with the other I kept churning her cunt.
Then I again walked back to the tripod and pointed the camera at her. Quite acrobatically, she raised her leg in the air again, this time straight upright. With one hand, she played with her oversized boobs that hung pendulously from her chest. As I saw her playing with herself, pinching her nipples, shoving a finger into her cunt and rubbing her clitoris with one wet finger, she stared at me. She looked at my face, then let her eyes travel down to my crotch where the bulge was now straining painfully against the denim. I lowered one hand and pulled down my zipper, taking out my cock to release the pressure.

I stroked my ever thickening cock as it grew into a solid hard erection. The swollen red tip pushed back the surrounding foreskin and appeared as a smooth silken sheen of fire. She was watching every stroke I made, her lips were getting wet with a shine appearing over them as the tip of her tongue ran from side to side. Her cunt too was getting wetter as she fingered her clit, and I heard her breathing getting deeper, occassionally catching as sparks probably flew along her nervous system. Her nipples were hard but looked relatively small in the centre of her oversized boobs.

With my cock fully engorged, standing like an upright sentinel against my body, my balls handing outside my jeans, I went back to taking some more pictures. As I zoomed out to catch the entire length of her outstretched leg, I realised how erotic it was just photographing this wench and letting my imagination run wild over her full body. I imagined her cunt would not be as tight as a younger and fresher woman, but I thought of sticking my thick and hard cock into her asshole and ripping her buttocks apart; gripping the firm and large thighs to spread her even further. Once again I felt a stirring in my groin signalling the onrush of a huge eruption of cum. It was getting difficult to hold back now.
As I stroked myself, I walked up to the woman who had now risen to her knees, kneeling down on the carpet. I reached her and my cock was flush against her face. She slid out her tongue and licked the tip of my penis, then slid her rough wet tongue down the length of my cock till she reached my testicles. While one hand played with and caressed my balls, Sona's other fist took hold of my shaft and stuck it deep into her mouth, drawing me in so completely that her lips were against my stomach. She pumped the full extent of my thick penis with her mouth, pushing it down the length, then drawing it up till it slowly slithered the full eight inches back up to the raw sensitive red tip. I lowered my hands and grabbed her large tits while simultaneously shoving my penis as deep into her mouth as I possibly could. The warm coating of saliva lubricated my shaft as it drove like a jackhammer, in and out of her face. I was getting ready to shoot my cum into her mouth.
Quite suddenly then, she pulled away from me, and turning around, bent down with her head on the floor and stuck her big ass up in the air, once again pulling apart the entrance to her cunt. With my cock now hard and stiffly upright against my body, I went back to my camera and took a few shots of this whorish woman; then walked back and shoved my full hard manhood into her. Ramming her from the back, I kept shoving hard but instead of crying out in pain, she screamed in ecstasy, asking me to fuck her harder.
I was about to cum in her cunt but held back with all my will and strength. Shoving her off, I went back to take some more pictures because that’s what I was being paid for, not to fuck this whore. When I went back and turned around, she was squatting on the floor, licking the erect nipple on one of her fleshy breasts. Her thighs were spread apart and the thick vastness of her pubic hair was on full display. She rubbed her palms across her tits and seemed to get increasingly desperate for a real fuck. The way she was squatting, I pictured myself lying flat under her, my cock supright as she lowered her asshole around it. I could lamost feel the tightness of her anus being ripped asunder as she slid down the length of my pole. I imagined my hands groping her mammaries, mashing them in a vicious grip as I pinched her nipples hard. For a moment I thought of actually putting the camera on auto with a time delay, and stripping and going and lying down below her, but decided against having myself photographed with the woman.
After adjusting the lights and reflectors again, I took some more pictures. Still squatting on the floor, she smiled up at me. She hadn’t spoken a word and I wondered if she knew any French or English. Not that it mattered. I saw her hands again come up from under her ass and pull apart the fleshy inner thighs, spreading the wide opening of her cunt. My cock was still hanging out of my jeans, not quite as hard as it had been when I had shoved it into her, but still long and thick. Her boobs looked absolutely massive as they hung like two over-ripe melons from her chest, crying out to be mangled. She was begging to have me penetrate her, and now I wanted to. Despite my earlier misgivings, I wanted to rip my clothes off and feel her pliant hot body against mine; feel the fleshiness of her boobs against my bare chest; feel the firmness of her thick thighs wrap around me as I drove my cock into her; feel my hands grip her solid ass and find that elusive asshole so I could shove a couple of fingers high up into it.
So I walked back to Sona, and as I did so, she fell back to the carpeted floor, spread her thighs further apart, drew her cunt lips wide to reveal the entrance to herself, the thick black pubic hair matted across her abdomen and circled her cunt on all sides, almost going down to her asshole. Dropping my jeans to my ankles, I lay down on top of her and felt the huge fleshiness of her breasts against my body, shoved my hands below her ass and pulled her up towards me. As my cock swelled to a massive thickness, I kept pounding her cunt as my fingers sought her anus and pushed deep inside. I took her big fat boobs into my mouth, biting at the nipples, almost drawing blood. I did all that I had spent the last 45 minutes imagining; I fucked her like a madman, pulverised her body, tore her apart with my cock in her cunt and my fingers up her asshole, till I shot huge amounts of cum in ever increasing bursts inside her. What a wonderful bitch! ©mnhb 2012
Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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