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Farzana Fucked Me - hot sex story

Farzana F***ked Me

Her name was Farzana. I met her at my hotel in Acapulco last summer. We had a drink at the bar and then I escorted her up to her room. I walked in without an invitation and she wasn’t surprised. She was wearing a short plaid skirt, white top and almost knee high leather boots. We hadn’t spoken much; just looked at each other, she ran her hand across my thigh while we sat on barstools downstairs, and then we came up to her room. I didn’t say anything; just took off my clothes and draped myself in the hotel bathrobe and sat on the bed. I looked at the fullness of her breasts straining against the flimsy white T she was wearing and felt myself stiffening. I stroked my penis as I waited for her to make a move.

She walked up to me and I parted my thighs so she walked up real close. I raised her skirt and ran my hands over her thighs and ass; then pulled down her panties and she pushed her crotch towards my face. She had a full bush; gloriously silken and hairy. It smelt like lavender and musk as I breathed in the sweet aroma and pushed out my tongue. Beneath the hairy bush, I wet her vaginal lips and tried to find her clitoris. I heard her moan as her body arched into me and she pulled my head into her, raising my hands up to grab her tits under the blouse. She wore no brassiere and her breasts were large and succulent. The nipples began to stiffen as I gently pinched them and rubbed the aureoles. 

As she slid down on to the floor, I saw her face glazed in ecstasy. Her eyes shut as she raised her skirt up along her thighs and up to her waist, revealing the full glory of her hairy cunt, and then spreading her cunt lips as though willing a steed to fuck her. Her head lolled next to my cock, now hard and erect as I stroked it a couple of times. I felt the heat from my penis graze the soft cool of her cheek as she let out another deep exhalation, her fingers now teasing her cunt. I wanted so much to turn her head around and thrust my raging phallus into her mouth. Pulverising her face till she gagged. On her own, she turned slightly and her tongue snaked out between her lips to flick the red tip of my cock, licking off the single drop of clear pre-cum.

Then suddenly, she went into the bathroom, only to emerge five minutes later. Her hair was braided in what seemed a rather complicated fashion and she had shed all her clothes.

 She walked to the couch and half lay back against the armrest, a coquettish smile playing on her lips. I feasted my eyes on the vision; she wanted to give herself so completely to me and her innocence danced in those deep black eyes. Her breasts were full and the thick bush peaked out of the top, between her thighs. I bent down and kissed her, first gently, then deep in her mouth. My hands found her boobs and massaged them as her nipples hardened again. One hand, I lowered to her snatch and pushed a finger lower so I could feel her cunt. She was wet and hot.

She got up and sat down on another armchair, this time with her feet in high heel shoes up on the chair. She spread her cunt lips wide and stared at me, almost as though she was communicating in this way because we didn’t have any other common language. I walked up to her, my cock sticking straight out from my body like a spear, hard, thick and long. I picked her up and wanted her to stand flush against my body. My cock sandwiched between my body and her belly as we kissed deep and hard, my hands clasping the lush roundness of her buttocks in a firm grip. Then just as I tried to push a finger probing into her asshole, she disengaged herself from me and sat down on the floor again, slipping a thin hair band in her head.
But I couldn’t play any more games. I was ready to fuck the daylights out of Farzana; ready to rip her body apart with the solidly engorged penis that thrust out from my body. I pulled her back on to the sofa and she sat with her thighs wide apart, her fingers pulling her cunt lips to reveal the entrance to her cunt. But I raised one leg over her shoulder and pushed my penis down towards her face. She opened her mouth and I slid past her lips into the hot wet cocoon, cushioned by her lashing tongue. I pushed deep into her mouth, grabbing both her tits in my hands and fondling them not too gently.

Then I held her head and fucked her mouth. Thrusting deep in, then pulling myself out till the tip of my penis grazed her lips. When I shoved myself in again, I felt the sharp scrape of her teeth as I pushed the thickness past them and went so far in, my balls slapped her
 chin. I felt my first orgasm of the night about to explode as she gagged because my cock was against the back of her throat. She pulled her head back with enormous strength and as my penis slipped out of her mouth, I exploded all over her face. In huge bursts of hot molten liquid, my semen slapped her mouth and cheeks as involuntary thrusts racked my body.

When I was spent I lolled back on the ground, catching my breath. She pulled the bed mattress and sheets and pillows down on to the ground and lay next to me, caressing my head as she rested it on her breasts. We shared another round of drinks, but before it was over, she leaned across and took my cock in her mouth again. This time, she sucked deep and used one hand to grip my cock. I was hard again. I played with thick pubic hair and let a couple of fingers slide into her dripping cunt. But she wouldn’t let me fuck her yet. She was sucking and stroking my cock and I felt the molten gathering again. I raised myself up on an elbow and a knee to get some leverage as she licked my testicles and the length of my shaft. Then again, I was about to cum in her mouth but she withdrew her face and I shot my streaming white liquid all over her tits, the first spurt having ejaculated all the way to her cunt hair. After that, I collapsed on the mattress, barely able to breathe.
It couldn’t have been more than a half hour when I felt her get up from the bed and walk to the bar to pour another glass of wine for herself and a bourbon for me. On her way back she switched off the wall and ceiling lights and came lay down against the front of my body, her back against me. I took a large gulp of my whiskey and then felt her hand gently cup my balls. She turned around and kissed my neck and ear, and then my lips. Her fingernails raked the length of my penis, growing hard once again. I could hardly believe what she was doing, and how I was responding.
Oh! Farzana! What a woman! My hands draped over her body now caressed her breasts and felt the very hard knobs of her nipples. Sliding my arm lower, I palmed her hairy cunt and teased her pussy lips. Beneath the folds, it was easy to find her clitoris, now hard and protruding. Her body jerked and her grip on my cock was firm like a vice. I drew my hand away and brought it to her back, caressing her large round buttocks, and then using a finger to find her anus. Her breath caught as the tip of my finger probed, then pushed in gently. I drew the mucus wetness from her vagina to lubricate her asshole, then gripped my cock and position it at her hole, rubbing my fiery red tip against her tight opening, probing tentatively, toying with her as she held her breath waiting for the shove.
I pushed. She let out a small scream as I pushed harder, unable to stop now. When I was inside her asshole about two inches, I grabbed her hip and pulled her towards me, pushing myself in further at the same time. She groaned, moaned, even shouted once. I didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure, but
I was all the way inside her. Holding her firmly by her hips, I withdrew about three inches and shoved myself in again.
She cried out but this time clearly there was pleasure and passionate ecstasy in her voice. I started ramming her ass as my body smacked her buttocks and my balls flayed the back of her thighs. Her body moved in rhythmic tandem as an almost tantric trance like emotion overtook us. I could have torn her body apart then; so much was the frenzy and heat within me. I fucked Farzana in her asshole for about ten minutes, pummelling her in a mad dance of the devil. Then I felt, once again, the geyser bursting. Hot liquid spurted into the deep recesses of her anus before I could withdraw; when I did, the last couple of spurts splattered the inside of her thigh.

What a fuck, Farzana was. But that night I lost a little part of my soul. She took that with her and left me only a memory. Dear Farzana, Fly Away! ©mnhb 2010

Credits : fakeactresspics blog
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