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Flora'l Ecstacy - Part I

I saw her at the cocktail party, clothed in a black dress, sitting alone in quiet contemplation. Beautiful face, smooth skin, and large breasts. I imagined I could see through that black dress at the full bosom and perky nipples. I imagined ample boobs overflowing once the restraints of her brassiere were released. An hour later, and a couple drinks down, I saw her get up to leave. As she turned to say something to the hostess, I thought I saw her firm buttocks stretching the back of her dress. I craved for this woman; wanting to feel her body against my own; wanting to suck those full boobs; wanting to feel the soft tightness of her thighs around my body…

I walked out and saw her standing at the hotel porch, waiting for her car. I walked up behind her an stood for a while, wondering what to say. Without turning around, as though she felt my presence, she said “I’ve been expecting you; what took you so long?”

I didn’t say a word. When the valet delivered her BMW X6 and she stepped into the driver’s seat, I opened the other door and slipped in. She didn’t say a word either; just drove off into the night. We listened to some soft jazz on the radio as she drove for the next 45 minutes, till we arrived at what looked like a palatial villa with huge grounds and massive trees all round. I followed her out of the car and into the house; up a flight of stairs, through a large bedroom, and out on to a terrace. She made a couple of drinks, a Jack for me and a Vodka martini for herself; then told me to relax while she went in to change into something more comfortable.

She came out in ten minutes, wearing a short denim skirt and a white wraparound shirt, knotted just below her breasts. She was awesome. Her boobs were so full and now obviously straining against the confines of her bra. She took her drink, sat down, and we listed to the music playing in her bedroom, wafting out the door. I couldn’t take my eyes of her bosom, and I felt myself growing hard in my pants. She looked at the bulge of my cock and reached across to place a palm over it, rubbing gently, caressing occasionally, as she felt the hardness grow inside. I leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck, nibbling gently on the lobe of her ear, letting my warm breath bathe the sensitive skin. She gripped my cock harder through the fabric of my trousers.

With a knowing smile on her face, she stood up and let me see the full thrust of her tits as she walked up to me and stood in front; my thighs parted as she pushed herself forward, her breasts now an inch away from my face. I reached my hands around her waist and pulled her gently towards me, burying my face into the warm cleavage of her boobs. With my palms, I caressed her perfectly round and firm buttocks, letting one hand slip under her skirt. I heard her sigh heavily as she held my head against her chest, pushing her tits even harder against me. I felt her knee rubbing against my crotch as she stroked it up and down.

I brought my hands to her front and pulled apart the folds of her shirt, revealing her gorgeous breasts, hidden delicately by the sheer lace of her bra. I could see her nipples thrusting out from the dark brown aureoles centred on her boobs. Through the patterned lace of her brassiere, I licked and wet her nipples, then gently nibbled them with my teeth. I pushed a hand under her skirt again and rubbed my fingers against her clitoris through her panties. She was already wet as I pulled aside the edge of her panties and slipped a finger into her cunt. I felt the gentle rustle of short pubic hair around her labia and wanted desperately to kiss her on her cunt. She groaned as I pushed another finger into her vagina, hooking my finger upwards in search of her g-spot.

She cried out, heaved a deep breath, and said “I need you to fuck me, fuck me in my cunt, fuck me in my ass, fuck my mouth, fuck me hard Baby.” And I felt an emotion so sexually charged and erotic, as though a sensuous spark of high voltage electricity had ignited in me. She pulled herself away from my clasp, reached out to my pants and pulled the zipper down. Pushing a hand inside, she groped around till she had a firm grip on my penis and dragged it out of my trousers. I stood up as she sat on the bench and let her loosen my belt and unbutton my jeans, pushing them down my thighs. As my phallus thrust out, she took it gently into her mouth, wrapping a fist around it in a firm grip. I shoved forward as she opened her mouth wider and drew me in. Her fingers played with my testicles and the shaft of my penis.

I reached down and removed her shirt completely, wanting to free her wondrous tits from the wretched restrictions of her bra. As I was about to unhook it, she stood up again and I felt the hard thickness of my cock rub against her chin, then the cleft of her breasts, across her stomach, and finally against her skirt and panties as she sinuously rose from the ground and stood before me.
She slipped out of her denim skirt and pushed her panties down her thighs and legs, leaving them both on the terrace floor along with my jeans. She sat down on the bench again and parted her thighs, showing me the entrance to her cunt, the sensuous lips of her vagina looking slightly swollen, and the trimmed foliage at the entrance just above her clitoris. My cock was hard and reverberating with an energy of its own; I saw her move her head towards me and sensed the feel of her tongue whipping against the head of my penis before she drew me fully into the warm wetness of her mouth. I shoved in, holding her head in a firm grip, till I felt myself pushing against the back of her throat. She gagged slightly and drew her head back.

I lowered my hands and slipped them between the top edges of her bra and the soft flesh of her breasts, feeling the hard jutting nipples graze against my palms. She took her hand away from my balls to pull down the bra, revealing one of her huge breasts. They were fuller than I thought; now unrestrained, her left boob burst forth and filled my hand as grabbed it, squeezing hard as I shoved my cock deep into her mouth again. One hand playing with her breasts, the other holding her head, I thrust and pulverised her mouth like a jackhammer, fucking her face like a vicious rapist. Her hands gripped my buttocks and I felt her slip one finger into my anus. As she drove her finger in deeper, I shoved my cock harder and harder into her mouth, feeling a liquid boiling deep in my centre.

As she sucked and drew my cock into her mouth, her hands in and around my ass, my hands grabbing and mashing her boobs, pinching and pulling her hard nipples, I felt the volcanic rush of my oncoming orgasmic eruption. I exploded inside her mouth, now gripping her head tightly so that she could not draw back, I lunged and thrust into her with every lava-like eruption of cum. Some of it seeped out of the corners of her mouth as her cheeks swelled to accommodate the continuous outpouring of hot white semen. And then she swallowed; drinking it all in, licking the edges of her lips.

Exhausted, I stepped back as she cleaned her mouth and stood up, naked in all her glorious beauty; offering me her body, her mind, her very soul. ©mnhb 

Credits: fakeactresspics blog
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