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Sania Srivastav very hot sex story

She wasn't even an actress at that time. We met up at some student convention being held in Bangkok many years ago. After the last session, a bunch of us went to the pub next to our hotel for a couple of beers and I was introduced to Sania as a postgrad student from India. We got chatting and I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner to a restaurant I knew which served great local food. She agreed, and asked me to pick her up from her room in half an hour because she wanted to shower and change. I said that would be fine and ordered another beer for myself to while away the time. Someone at the bar nodded across to me and said "lucky guy", then winked like a frustrated jerk. I didn't appreciate the sentiment; I was only taking her to dinner. Half an hour later, I paid my tab, got up and headed to the elevator. She had said her room number was 2869.
When Sania opened the door to my knock, I was considerably taken aback at her dress. She had on the same shirt that she wore earlier, but the top buttons were open, she was not wearing a brassiere and her incredibly large and very firm breasts were almost tearing her shirt apart. She had on the cap they'd given us at the end of the day's session, and her name tag was still pinned to her shirt. Her lustrous hair was loose and cascaded down to her ass. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts, revealing very smooth and athletic thighs and legs. She twirled around and I knew she was waiting for a comment on her dress, but I didn't say a word. "You don't like it, do you", she said knowingly. "Fine, I'll take it off" and she promptly removed the shorts, dropping them to her ankles and kicking them away to a distant corner of the room. I wasn't complaining.
Then, very slowly, looking at me provocatively, she undid the buttons of her shirt and the full roundness of her messive tits burst forth. I saw the hint of a jewelled stud in her navel, and the outline of her black panties peeked out of the edges of her top. I walked up to her almost in a trance and took her massive breasts in my hands, feeling the firm perfection of the globes. I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger as I lowered my head and licked her aureolas. I felt her hand on my cock, already rigid inside my faded jeans. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and drew it off my body. While she gripped my ever hardening penis, she kissed my chest and I felt her tongue run across my nipple, her teeth gently biting first one, then the other. Then, I felt her fingers as she unbuckled my jeans and lowered the zipper. With a firmness that was almost demanding, her hand wrapped around my cock and pulled it out.
My cock was stiff as a ramrod and almost as thick as her wrist, Sania stuck her tongue out and licked the red hot tip, then left a trail of cool wet saliva along the length as her tongue slid down to the base of my penis. As she mouthed my testicles, my cock jerked involuntarily, stretching itself along the front of her face. I could feel her taut nipples occassionally graze against my skin, the bulging fleshy tits pushing against my thighs. Then suddenly, my cock was sheathed in her mouth, the warm wetness sending shivers through my body. I looked down and saw her head bobbing as I matched her movements with thrusts of my hips. She held her breasts, preventing them from swinging too much, as I started ramming her mouth with my cock like a pile driver. Her tongue swished across my sensitive glans as I strove to drive it deep down her throat.
I pulled myself out before I was forced to ejaculate into her mouth, tore off her shirt and watched her lie back on the lounge sofa in her black stockings and high heels. She pulled aside her panties and revealed her glistening cunt to me in invitation. I grabbed my penis in my hand and walked up to her, hungrily devouring the sight of her near nakedness.
Sania stood up before I could reach out to grab her body, pushed down her stockings and kicked off her heels. She threw off the convention cap that had been on her head all this time, and began to slowly lower her black lace panties. A well trimmed and modest shadow of pubic hair graced her mound as I held back every animal desire to push her back on the sofa and plunge my heated cock into her hole. As so often happens when I am being provoked, my desire to shove my cock into every orifice of the lady rises to the fore. This time  I walked up to her and kissed her hard on her mouth, letting one hand down to her cunt where three fingers pushed themselves into her dripping wet cunt. I shoved them in as deep as they would go while my tongue probed the innermost reaches of her mouth. With my other hand, I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her flush against my body, trapping my cock against her stomach.
With my hands on her glorious breasts, I pushed Sania backwards against the sofa, the edge of which caught the back of her knees as she bent down and fell back against the cushions and back-rest. I gripped her thighs and parted them, giving her a view of my stiff hard cock, letting her sense what was coming as the thickness would rip her apart when I penetrated her. Her fingers played delicately with her cunt lips and I saw the entrance to her vagina and her anus both stare up at me. I walked up between her widespread thighs, bent down and shoved a finger tentatively into her asshole.Her body jerked with the surprise, and unintentionally my finger went deeper into her anus. On the side table lay a tube of moisturizing cream which I grabbed and shoved the nozzle into her ass, pressing out almost the entire contents into her hole. Meanwhile, she reached for my cock and stroked it, increasing the tempo as she felt my finger digging into her.
Sania pulled me down to the large sofa where, stripped of all my clothing, I lay back supine as she climbed over me. Straddling my thighs, her ass almost against my face, she raised her hips and I could see the wet moisturiser oozing out slowly from her anus. But stemming the flow, she lowered herself and guided my now rampant cock into her ass hole. The sensation as my rock solid shaft glided into her tight hole was amazing; the churning in my balls signalled the beginning of a massive orgasmic climax that I fought to hold back as Sania raised and lowered herself in a rythmic pumping action. I grabbed her buttocks in a firm grip and massaged them, holding firm as she rode my cock like an equestrian expert. I heard small sounds escape from her mouth as she slid up and down the shaft, little mewls reflecting a dark pleasure. This babe was hot!
Sensing the rising pressure in my cock and glans, Sania suddenly lifted her ass off my penis and knelt down in front of the sofa. I stood up and my cock thrust out straight and hard directly in front of her face. She gripped the base in a vice-like fist and tugged in the same rythmic motion that her hips had ridden me a few seconds ago. At the same time, she swallowed the full length of my steely flesh rod into her mouth, the same wet warmth enveloping me again. And then I knew I couldn't hold back any more. In a sudden rush, I felt the hot molten liquid rise from my testicles and swiftly course through the length of my penis, bursting out from the tip in a massive spurt that shot into her mouth. Almost immediately came the next load of cum squirting again into Sania's mouth. Still stroking my cock, she withdrew it and then swallowed the mouthful of hot white semen. Opening her mouth for the next load, her fist still gripping my penis firmly, she stroked. The next burst drenched her face and my cum dribbled down to her massive boobs. The lights almost went out in my head, so overpowering was this tumultuous climax. I lay down again on the sofa, exhausted. We skipped the restaurant plans; Sania ordered room service. ©mnhb 2012
Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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