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Namitha hot sex story

I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat; dreaming of Namitha when she was first entering films. She was slim and had a gorgeous figure, beautiful smooth skin, and big boobs. I remember her in my studio, draped in a golden-yellow silk sari tightly wrapped around her legs. The smooth contours of her thighs were so captivating, I had to take a break and stop staring at her through a lens. She knew exactly how I felt as she walked up to me and ran the tips of her finger across my cheekbones, delicately touching my lips as she pressed her body slightly against mine. My cock was hard, and the heat of her thighs rubbing against my erection made my bulge even more obvious. She kept moving her silk wrapped thigh against my crotch, making me harder all the time.

Three weeks later we're in Zurich, alone together after the entire crew had left. We spent a day out together, Namitha in a sky blue dress that showed off most of her chest – her neck and shoulders like white milk running down over the huge swell of her breasts, and a deep deep cleavage. The skirt only half way down her thighs revealed the glide down to her knees and on to her delicate ankles. Her boobs stretched the fabric of her dress. She was a little contemplative, melancholy even, when we were out that morning.

I held her hands in mine, looked into her eyes and asked her what was troubling her. Not a word; instead she led me to her car with a suggestive look on her face. The bulge of her ass and the massive tits being restrained by her dress were more than I could take. I walked along with her to the car, letting my palm caress her sweet buttocks as my arm rubbed against the mounds of her tits. My fingers glided down to the hem of her skirt and rubbed against the naked skin of her thighs. She jerked as though an electric spark had lit her body; fumbled the key into the door of the car and stepped in.

Along the drive to the cottage we had hired, I couldn’t keep my hands off her. As she drove, her skirt rode up the smoothness of her thighs and I pushed my hand between them to feel the wetness of her cunt. I slid a finger into her vagina and the warm liquid enveloped me as droplets of her nectar trickled down to the seat. Leaning across, I pulled down the top of her dress to reveal one massive breast and rested my face against it. Gently, I sucked her nipple into my mouth, feeling the hardness against my tongue as it protruded past my teeth. I felt her hand against my trousers, rubbing my erection, then unzipping it she snaked her fingers and stroked my cock till I thought I would cum in my underpants.

On reaching the cottage, I dashed out of the car and saw her emerge with her boobs still hanging out of her dress. We were alone; nobody at the inn. I wrapped my arms around her from the back, pressed my hard-on against her perfect ass and took her tits in my hands, trying to walk at the same time. She reached one hand behind her and rubbed my cock, feeling the thick hardness and the heat emanating from my body. We walked in through the door into the foyer, and she started up the stairs, beckoning me to follow her to the bedroom. She had pulled her dress up, barely covering her nipples, and almost hypnotised, I followed, holding her hand desperately in mine, craving for her body like addict.

As she walked up the stairs and I trailed behind, I saw that her dress had ridden up towards her waist again. No panties, the sweet roundness of her buttocks swayed as we went up. I pulled down the zipper of my trousers and took out my cock, stroking its hardness. Namitha turned around and saw my penis out. She gasped, almost tripped in a delirious state; I could see the want in her eyes. She was lusting for my body as I was for hers. I reached out with one hand and placed it on her uncovered ass, trying to grab her flesh as it wiggled up the stairs. I stuck a finger under her bum and felt the hot humid wetness from her cunt, letting it rub aling her labia and clit as she sashayed up the stairs..
When we reached the landing on the first floor, I went up to her and pulled the dress of her shoulders, down past her breasts. As the fullness of those boobs revealed itself, I palmed them in my hands and buried my face into the soft cushion of her cleavage. As I laved her tits and her nipples, I slid a finger under the hem of her dress and felt the moistness of her cunt. Pushing firs one, then another, finger into the boiling cauldron, I sought out her clitoris and rubbed it from side to side. She let out a small scream as she fell towards the ground.

She was breathing heavily now, almost panting, as her face came against my cock. I held her face in my hands as she opened her mouth and took the rigid shaft of my penis between her lips. With the fingers of both hands, she unbuttoned the top of my trousers and drew them down my thighs till they lay in a crumpled heap near my feet. Stepping out of them, I pushed myself deeper into her mouth, holding her head in a firm grip. I shoved my cock in and out of Namitha’s mouth, as her fingers stroked my testicles. I could feel a gigantic eruption about to explode and tried to draw my penis out of her mouth.

But she kept sucking, her hands now wrapped around my hips and ass, not letting me pull out of her mouth. So I shoved harder; my balls swinging against her chin with every thrust of my pelvis. My cock was growing thicker in her mouth and I felt the final steely hardness just before my ejaculation. The tip of my red hot spear kept nudging the back of her throat but she didn’t gag; just kept taking the pummelling. And then, in a huge burst of semen, thrust after thrust, I came in her mouth. Her cheeks swelled out as the hot white fluid filled her mouth, and only when I finally pulled myself out did she swallow my cum. Namitha drank the loads of semen that I had just shot into her mouth.

She was pensive for a while after that. I was satiated but just looking at her, I felt the heat begin to rise again. This time I wanted to fuck her in her ass, and in her cunt. I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she gave me. I picked her up from the carpeted floor and walked towards the bed. She still had her dress on, although her massive boobs were still free of any restraint. As she lay back and put her head on the pillow, I took off my shirt and socks and stood naked before her. My cock had risen to a sharp angle and its rigidity had returned. With a smile on her face, she reached out, grabbed my cock and began to stroke it.

Then she switched of the lights and … ©mnhb 2011

Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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