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Ramya hot sex story

When I meet Ramya these days, she’s always dressed up well, like a star. We haven’t slept together for many years now although we still remain good friends. Today, the famous Divya, or Ramya, or whatever people call her, is known as one of the south Indian actresses with the biggest boobs. After Namitha and Bhubaneswari, her breasts rank along with Suja and Nayantara, and a few others. And that is when she wears tight brassieres; very often sports bras that compress her tits.

But I remember a time when we spent a week together in a small village in the north of Italy, playing laughing drinking and sleeping. And making love; sometimes gently, sometime wild sexual frenzy. We fucked in the morning, lazy love making in the afternoons, and torrid sex at night. 
At the back of the cottage was a small pool with a tiny cascade of water. As the sun was going down, we were lounging there finishing off a bottle of white wine. Ramya was wearing a think white shirt, the massive curves of her boobs ensconced in a white bra clearly visible. A deep cleavage between the mounds, exciting me as I stared at her. Suddenly there was a silence and I knew that our minds were in complete sync; she wanted my body as much as I desperately craved hers.
With a sweet tinkle of a laugh, she stood up and stepped down into the pool, splashing me playfully with water. I stood up, took off my t-shirt and stepped into the pool, splashing her body till her shirt clung to her body; more inviting that any roman sex goddess. I reached out for her, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards me. Her hand groped around my soaking wet jeans as she found the swelling hardness of my cock. I felt her fingers draw down the zipper and felt her hand encircle my penis. Drawing it out as it stiffened, she rubbed the tip of my cock against the smoothness of her thighs as she leaned against me and kissed my mouth.
My hands wrapped around her, clasping the firmness of her ass as I drew her hard against my body. Her lips were inches away from my mouth and I looked at her beautiful face, wanting to shove my cock between her lips and ram it deep into her mouth. One hand played around the swell of her tits as she stroked my shaft with the other. I reached out to her breasts and pulled down the cup of her bra, freeing her enormous boobs. Her nipples were almost pink; and they were hard against my calloused palm. She looked at me almost coyly as I massaged those pendulous melons in my hands.
Then, she knelt down, pulling my jeans off and holding the thick shaft of my cock in her tight fisted grip. Parting her lips slightly, she let the tip of her tongue flick against the red hot tip of my penis. An electric shiver went down my spine as I bent slightly to reach her boobs. As I pinched her nipples gently, she widened her mouth and I felt the hot wetness of her tongue snake around my manhood. I released her boobs and held her head in my hands as I shoved myself into her mouth. Her hands held my ass and pulled me deeper into her. Holding her head, I pushed my cock into her mouth, pulled it out till the tip grazed her teeth, then shoved it in all the way again. I fucked her mouth, holding her head firms. Her hands slipped down towards her cunt as she began to push a finger inside her vagina. I heard a quiet groan escape her mouth as my cock filled her; she now pushed another two fingers inside her cunt, shoving it in and out in a rhythmic motion that matched my tempo as I fucked her mouth.
I felt a deep churning inside me and knew that I would cum in massive loads inside her. I thought hesitantly of pulling out bust she sucked my cock and held my buttocks almost against her face with one hand. The fingers of her other hand played feverishly with her clitoris, stimulating a rising desire in her to spasm into a violent orgasm. We came almost together. As the first load of semen shot out of my cock, coming from the deepest reaches of my balls, I felt Divya shudder as the first spasm of her own orgasm shook her body. My cock had swollen to gigantic proportions and the hot meaty shaft spewed forth another massive spurt of cum into her mouth. I could see dribbles of cum edge out from the corners of her mouth as her body shook in absolute orgiastic delight. She sucked harder on my cock as the next load shot out into her mouth. Without releasing her grip on my cock, she swallowed and I knew that she had taken in a massive amount of my cum.

Ramya sucked on my cock till I was dry, licking every drop off the tip, and swallowed again. I sat down, exhausted, in the water next to her as she rested her head on my shoulder, her massive boobs bursting out in gay abandon. We sat like that till the sun went down …. So many, many years ago, but the memory stays fresh in my mind. And I think, in hers.

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