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Anushka Highway Fanatics Sex Story

A car was driven fast that it clocked 145 kmph.It was late in the night.With no traffic,the car was moving like a horse.Sure there was a horse inside.It was Anushka sitting next to her cousin Anoop.They were returning to andhra.Anushka sure was excited realizing the speed of the car.His cousin was going absolutely mad.Whatever,anushka loved it also.With great speed and sounds of trees passing them and with the throttle,both of them were excited.

"You look so sexy in that halter top" he said pressing the accelerator.

"Oh yeah thanks .You are also not bad" replied anushka adjusting her hair back to her hear.

With their conversation blossoming,the car was slowed and was being driven in normal speed.Then it became so late that anushka fell asleep.Anoop kept driving at a normal pace.He paused to car to lit a cigarette.So he stopped amid bushes and came out of the car.The air felt hot.He lit his cigarette and started to puff it.With just the lights of the car the night looked wierder.He finished his cigarette and got into the car.Just as he was about to fix his belt,he accidently saw her.She looked so cute while sleeping.But he also saw her halter top moved down.He saw her black bra.Sure it infused some dirty thoughts into him.He looked at her long white legs from toe to thighs.Then her popping boobs which were covered by her bra.A part of her hair covered her face.Wow what a hot figure,he thought himself.His pant made a large tent quickly.His hands kept pacifying his cock.He wanted to just kiss and fuck her.But he did not want to do it as anushka has a great respect for him.

But he did not want to miss this either.So he quickly removed his zip and then his boxers.He took his cock and started to jerk it slowly.He looked at each and every part of her body.Her legs with that heels made her even more taller.Her long slender legs glowed in the moonlight.Then her mesmerizing red halter top covered her pussy and naval.Then he looked at her black bra holding her boobs.He traced her lips in his mind and began masturbating fast.He licked his lips,closed his eyes and looked up.He was thinking all taboo things on anushka and his fingers were becoming wet.

"So u need a hand?" a husky tone was heard.

"Oh i am......" he began to panic as anushka caught him masturbating.

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