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Ayesha Takia hardcore Fucked

For Ayesha, the day started like any other. And for her, every day started the same way, with a nagging worry about where the next meal would come from. She had been in this tinsel town, the so-called city of dreams for over a year now and still she could not see her way to anything remotely resembling a break. The dream to become a movie star seems all very well when you are living in a small town where the release of a new movie generally after 2 months of its premier and still celebrated like Diwali, but once you get to that heartless city of Bombay where dreams are trodden under the feet of the rich and the powerful every single day, you come face to face with the reality and learn that if you want to keep soul with body you better use that body to protect the soul.

No, she had not resorted to prostitution, not at all. She was proud to think, that she had never traded sexual favours for money or any other kind of favor. Though she had done almost everything else, from waitressing to working as spot boy.

But recently she was having doubts. Serious doubts. She knew more than one girl who had moved from extras to heroines, within a very short span of time and she knew that they, unlike her, had used their body other than a coat-rack to land the jobs.

She was not a virgin, not by a long shot, even in the small, unknown city she was well-admired by guys. But the boyfriend she had chosen about 15 years older than her, he had taught her a lot in sex, and surprisingly, for her, he had satisfied her in ways she was sure those younger guys could not imagine. Soon after she came to Bombay, she had met a nice young guy, this time she had taught him some things. They were still going out, though most of Ayesha's time was spent in earning a livelihood, and Rajat was no better off than she was. In fact, she had had to lend him money a couple of times.

Today was a little different. Today she woke up with her landlady's shrill warning ringing in her ears still fresh from last night. "The rent by this Friday or all your stuff will be out on the road." She couldn't blame her, rent was due from last 3 months. She had to find a job, she had to. And in two days!

She picked up yesterday's newspaper borrowed from the landlady and started looking for a job. Not a film heroine, just any job. Extra, spot boy, typist, secretary, anything; "Movie director needs secretary", the headline hit her right between the eyes, a chill ran down her spine as she thought how perfect it would be, the whole journey of secretary-to-movie-heroine ran before her eyes in the blink of any eye. She read the ad, "active, obedient, quick, agile...blah, blah" the usual stuff.

She took care in getting ready. The money she brought from home, she had wisely invested that in good clothes, and no matter how little she earned, she always maintained a small but sufficient supply of cosmetics. If you want to get a break in a movie you can't walk in looking like a tramp off the road, no matter how hard up you are.

Fortunately, she was only 21, her body was young and supple, perfect curves, with a bust measurement of 36C and an ass that the supermodels could envy, with a slim waist that looked like it was shaped by a master sculptor with a slow and careful chisel. She kept her hair in a careful, modern cut with most of her hair reaching the middle of her back but enough of them to play around her cheek from both sides, short and sexy. Sure it made waitressing tough, but lured men like bees to honey. She had them died reddish brown and they contrasted perfectly with her fair skin, cupping her small oval face from both sides.

She didn't need to but still worked out regularly, at home, to keep her long legs, slim and shapely. There was not a muscle in her thighs that was not well-toned.

Similarly, she always kept her pussy completely hairless, not just for sex, it really made her feel good. Today she covered it with a sheer white lacy thong that just covered the mound of her tight pussy and no more.

She put on a short white denim skirt, about 10 inches, just covering her tight butt and nothing more, the edges rough as the fashion was, and she didn't use a belt. She matched it with a plain black top, sleeveless, actually the sleeves were cut away so deeply that it was more like a tank top. It was tight enough that it grasped her big boobs quite nicely and she had no use for a bra when she wore this. It left her flat tummy fully bare and she was really proud of her tummy, just like the rest of her body.

She pushed her feet into her 3" high black heels, tied up the straps that came halfway up to her knees, and she was ready. She looked in the mirror, satisfied with the overall effect, sprayed perfume in all the right places and she was ready to go.

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