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Srilekha hot sex story

Late one evening during one of my infrequent visits to India, I was lying down on the bed in my hotel room in Bombay, listening to the loud music thumping through the walls from a party down the hall. I hadn’t changed my clothes and was just relaxing when I heard a knock on the door. Since it was unlocked, I shouted “come in” and then saw the door slowly swing open. In walked a woman wearing some sort of white faux fur coat, looking a little drunk as she staggered in. She didn’t seem to notice me as I stood up from the bed, surprised. As she was taking off her coat, she suddenly saw me and looked a little startled. “I think you’ve come to the wrong room”, I said. She vaguely nodded her head and asked “Do you have anything to drink?” Very strange lady.
She was a pretty sight so I just opened the mini bar, took out a vodka, poured it over a few cubes of ice, mixed some tonic water with it and gave it to her. One gulp, and it was down. Then she walked up to me and started to unbutton my shirt. I wasn’t sure how to react but my body seemed to know. I pushed my hands under her fleece-like coat and felt the warmth of her body as my palms travelled across her flat stomach to her back. I felt her fingers pull down the zipper of my pants and her body sliding down, her face gently grazing my chest and belly. She gripped my cock, pulled it out of my pants and wrapped her lips around it. Just like that.
The sensation was amazing. From a near dormant state when she first drew me into her mouth, my cock began to swell and harden. Her tongue kept flicking the red tip of my penis and her fingers kept stroking the ever lengthening shaft. I felt her breathing as the warm air from her nostrils tickled my skin at the point where my cock stood out from my groin. I pushed back the collar of her coat and pushed it over her shoulders, revealing her pink micro bra and panties. I traced the outline of her jaw with my fingers, letting my hand stray down her neck and into the cleavage of her beautifully full breasts.

My cock had filled up her mouth as it swelled up and thickened. I held her head with the palm of one hand and pushed myself into her mouth, not letting her head pull back. Holding her like that, I shoved my penis deep into her mouth, then slowly withdrew the entire length till her lips were around the glans of my cock. With the other hand, I pushed aside the flimsy pink cloth that made up her brassiere, revealing fully first one tit, then the other. I pinched her nipples not too gently and they protruded into two hardened knobs.

I fucked her mouth, holding her head this time in both my hands as I shoved in and out, the thickness of my cock parting her lips as widely as she could. She opened her mouth wide to take me in and allowed me to push myself deep down her throat without gagging. Her eyes began to water as she strained to accommodate the girth of my penis. Then when I withdrew myself completely from her mouth, she looked up at me, holding both her boobs firmly and thrusting them upwards. I slid the well lubricated length of my shaft between her breasts, pushing my body forward and back as I fucked her tits. She then gripped my cock firmly with one hand and started shagging me till I almost came on her face.
My pants had dropped down to  my ankles so she helped me out of them, then gently pushed me back on the bed while I still had my shirt on. She leaned forward and kissed the base of my shaft, letting the tip of her tongue run all over my testicles. A fire shot through my body like a jolt of lightening as her tongue dug into my anus. As my cock stiffened in response, she slowly moved away and looked at me with an expression of raw unbridled lust on her face. Her massive boobs thrust forward, bracketed by the straps and band of her pink bra.

Then she climbed on to the bed, turned around so that her back was towards me, raised one leg across and over my body, and sat down on my stomach, leaning backwards. I gripped her thigh and violently spread her legs apart. With one hand, I pulled aside her panty and fingered the well trimmed hair at the top of her cunt. My cock stood upright, standing thick and strong against the dampness of her pussy as she moved herself slowly against the length. I grabbed her boobs and mashed them viciously, wanting as much to hurt her as to please her. 

She pushed back and raised her body, and using her own fingers to push aside the panties, she guided her cunt on top of my cock and slid down the length. As the warm wetness swallowed my penis I felt a vacuum like sensation penetrate the pit of my stomach and a huge rush to fill the void with her body, her flesh. I wanted to spear her insides with my shaft, tear her vagina apart with the strength and power of my cock. My body and my spirit were wild now, a raw animal like brutality was beginning to overtake me and driving me to pulverise this woman, this stranger. She rode me like a jockey on a raging stallion, bumping her body up and down on my cock like a woman gone mad. And then, as though in a trance, the movement slowed to a gentle rhythmic caress almost as she fucked me, wanting me to shoot my load into her.

She turned around and lay on my body, her lips kissing my neck and my ears, her tongue leaving a cool wet trail on my feverish skin. Her breasts were firm against my chest. Then, she took my rigid cock in her hand and guided it into her moist warm cunt, raised her body slightly away from mine and pushed her hips downward so that her vagina completely swallowed my heated shaft. The tip of my penis inside her tight hole was on fire and I wanted so much to just release all the pent up semen but held back with a lot of difficulty.
In a sudden move, I pushed her off me, tore away the shirt I was still wearing, grabbed the woman off the bed, and without removing her underwear threw her back on the bed again with her face down. Then grabbing her hips in my rough hands, I pulled her ass upwards, pulled aside the panties once more and shoved my cock hard into her cunt. With a vice like grip of my hands on her hips, I thrust deep into her, fucking her from the back, my body slamming into her buttocks with every forward motion. Her breasts swung pendulously in rhythm with every plunge, in sync with a noisy exhalation of her breath that sounded like a tiny scream with each thrust.
After five minutes, she was desperately craving for more, wanting her own orgasm to burst out before it destroyed her. Her fingers probed her own asshole, then rubbed her clitoris as my cock shoved alongside. Just as I felt my own eruption begin to broil, I stopped thrusting and took myself out of her.  With fingers hooked around the string of her panties, I ripped them off and threw them to some corner of the room. Then pushing her on her back, I pulled her towards me as I stood at the edge of the bed. Pushing her thighs apart, I looked down at the raw pinkness of her vagina as my cock hovered at the entrance, waiting for the plunge.

Then, instead, I took my solid rock-hard penis in my hand and placed the tip at the entrance to her anus. She felt the imminent penetration and gripped her breasts in anticipation. Of pain? Of pleasure? And a dreamy look enveloped her face. I fingered her asshole for a while, wetting the entrance with her own cunt juices and some spit, then pushed myself slowly into her ass. When I was fully inside, I held on to her thighs and fucked her backside. With each thrust, she loosened up a bit and her face filled with an ecstasy that accompanied a sudden orgasmic high. Her body thrust upwards in three or four sudden jerks and a clear ejaculate liquid spat out of her cunt and trickled down my chest as she came.
After that burst, she pulled herself away from me, sat up on the bed and gently pushed my body down. As I lay there, she stroked my cock and as her fist encircled my penis, I felt the familiar stirring of my own volcanic eruption beginning deep down. She kissed my stomach, then licked my balls and pushed her tongue lower till she felt the tautness of my body. Getting down on the floor so that her boobs were level with my cock, she clamped both her tits around my penis and moved those soft cushions up and down the shaft. Every now and then she would take my cock in her mouth, wetting and lubricating it so it slid smoothly between her boobs.

I could now feel the stiffness of my erection like steel against the silken smoothness of her skin. I gripped my cock, trying to clamp down on the onrushing ejaculation but only succeeded in building up the pressure. I felt her lips close to my cock and the vision of that beautiful face so close to my fiery spear prevented me from holding back any further. With a massive upward shove of my body, the first spurt of hot white cum shot out of my cock and splattered her body. Thick semen exploded on to the woman’s breasts and I heard her croon in blissful delight. Then the next jet of my cum erupted, once again on her boobs. This is what she had wanted to see and to feel. I shut my eyes in quiet contentment as the adrenalin rush subsided, then waited for the next session.  But she kissed me on the mouth very gently, then got up to switch off the lights, put on her panties and white fleece coat, and walked out of the room quietly shutting the door behind her. ©mnhb 2012

Credits: fakeactresspics blog

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